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7 stages of contamination of the body

7 stages of contamination of the body

During life, a person goes through seven stages of contamination of the body (of course, only if a person at any of the stages does not do anything to stop and improve the process), acquiring its own diseases.

First stage

Externally, a healthy person sometimes feels general fatigue, which indicates the onset of nerve duct contamination. Later, it will manifest as osteochondrosis of the neck.

Second stage

Fatigue is accompanied by a feeling of headache, heaviness or pain in the joints and muscles. Before diseases, it signals that a person consumes too much sugar and sweets. Various unwanted substances begin to accumulate in the body, which will cause problems in the future.

Third stage

Various allergic reactions occur – it is already a natural tendency of a heavily contaminated organism to get rid of slags and toxins (poisons). Various allergens can be used as stimulants – pollen, household dust, animal hair, food products, medical preparations, etc.

As soon as the level of contamination of the body exceeds the norm, asthmatic cough, mucus detachment, expectoration may begin. There may be changes in the skin condition – psoriasis, eczema or the development of diabetes. For women it can manifest itself as gynecological problems, various secretions. The following signs indicate malnutrition: excessive consumption of meat, eggs, white flour products or the presence of parasites in the body.

This stage also includes urinary incontinence for children at night. In such cases, more attention should be paid to the child’s nutrition and personal hygiene.

Fourth stage

These are the so-called neoplasms, such as: cysts, polyps, fibromyomas, papillomas, adenomas, thrombophlebitis, tumors, etc., as well as fat layers.
The appearance of papillomas on the body signals the formation of polyps in some part of the intestinal tract.

Fifth stage

These are diseases associated with the deformity of the body’s connective tissue. These are rheumatism, polyarthritis. Uric acid, which results from incomplete protein processing, accumulates in the joints and muscles.

Sixth stage

This stage of contamination corresponds to the overlap of nerve channels with a layer of biochemical origin in such a way that the transmission of nerve impulses becomes impossible. It can cause disorders of certain parts of the body, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease.

Seventh stage

It is an extreme stage of contamination of the body, characterized by irreversible processes associated with the gradual disintegration of organs and their constituent cells. Oncology processes of different types and localization can be observed at this stage. Cancer is a natural revenge for poorly eaten food (Dr. Gerson). Oncological disease is a condition in which the body’s defenses are no longer protected – the immunity that is usually provided by the enzymatic capacity of the colon (which is zero). Pathological (malignant) cells grow indefinitely and multiply uncontrollably.

Cancer is the highest level of contamination of the body, when the body has been in a toxic environment for a very long time.

Don’t wait until the last stage. All possible future diseases can now be diagnosed in time. This can be done thanks to modern testing and diagnostic methods and modern equipment, within 1-2 hours, significantly saving your time and money. Any problem diagnosed in time can be solved. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Where to start?

The path to health can be safely started with the “Healthy Start” or “Coral Detox” program. The “Healthy Start” program activates the body’s internal resources. The program can be used by anyone, regardless of the initial health condition and age. And the “Coral Detox” program can be used by anyone, regardless of health condition. The “Coral Detox” program is designed to effectively detoxify the body. With “Coral Detox” you will have: healthy liver, less frequent diseases, skin becomes cleaner, pumps disappear, quality of life improved, energy increases, sleep improves.

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In addition, I recommend that you contact us so that I can provide detailed advice and recommendations on the use of the program and other issues, as well as compile individual body restoration programs suitable for you.

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