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Health Concept

Health concept

The HEALTH CONCEPT is based on well known, but in the “modern age” forgotten laws of nature, which people observed for thousands of years. The health concept allows people to get to know themselves anew, learn to take care of themselves, about their bodies and focus on a healthy lifestyle.

Each person consists of 12 organ systems: musculoskeletal system, immune system, central nervous system, musculoskeletal system, endocrine system, etc. In turn, each of these systems consists of individual organs, each organ – from tissues, and tissues – from cells. Unfortunately, most doctors work at the level of organs and organ systems, but nutriciology sees a person as a single, indivisible system as a whole and what it needs at the cellular level.


Human regeneration takes place every day, as hundreds of billions of cells dies and are born. But for these regeneration processes to take place qualitatively and for us to be healthy, we need to pay attention to the physiological needs of the cells.

Our body is like an aquarium made up of 70% water, and our cells float in that water. Everything that this cell can absorb must be dissolved in water. But most importantly, it is the oxygen and nutrients that need to get into the cell. Also, the cell must remove from itself all the waste products that are generated as a result of life activity, including carbon dioxide, because our cell breathes as well.

Health concept

Physiological needs of cells

There are 4 reasons of which cell can die:

  • Dehydration (in the absence of water);
  • Exhaustion or starvation (if there is no food);
  • Intoxication (in the absence of purification);
  • And if there is no protection, then it does not matter what we fed the cell, because the aquarium will break.

And the cell will die if all these 4 bullet points will happen at the same time!


Water glassWater is the basis of life on this planet. 90% of a child at birth consists of water, later – of 70% as an adult. 90% of the human brain is made up of water and is very sensitive to dehydration. Over the years, the water content in the body decreases to 60-65%. Consequently, aging is associated with drying out.

The importance of water in our lives is very huge, because all metabolic processes in the body take place only thanks to water. Blood, lymph, intercellular fluid, saliva, sweat, stomach juice, bile, urine – it’s all water with dissolved mineral salts. Only water, the structure of which is close to the intracellular structure, can water every cell of the body and stabilize all the activities of physiological processes. And such water must meet two parameters: quantity and quality. The amount of water, or the physiological standard of consumption, is 30-40 ml per kilogram of body mass per day.

The water quality criteria must be as follows:

  • Clean water;
  • Easily mineralized with organic micro-macro elements;
  • Live water;
  • Structured water;
  • The water must have a low surface tension;
  • Slightly alkaline.


Body detoxingThe next step, which is very important for our body, is to cleanse it. Today, we eat “forever fresh” products prepared using modern technologies and containing emulsifiers, preservatives, artificial colors, carcinogens, hormones, GMOs, etc. Plus we all have internal toxins and other slags in our body. Our intestinal tract and body as a whole become more and more like a contaminated waste pipe over the years if we do not keep track of where viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, helminths, etc. live. For a long time now, all scientists and doctors around the world have come to the conclusion that 90% of all serious diseases (bronchial asthma, all kinds of allergies, diabetes, stomach ulcers, fibroids, oncology, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other diagnoses) are based on chronic intoxication.

As a matter fact, only a few knows that most of the valuable nutrients we eat are eaten by our own parasites. According to official data from the WHO (World Health Organization at the United Nations), 90-95% of the world’s population is infected with various types of parasites, which causes the premature death of 15-16 million people every year. And it does not matter what the economic situation of the country is or a person’s financial well-being – this problem affects everyone!

It’s very easy to get infected with parasites – they’re in the dust we breathe, they’re in the sand of a children’s playground, where cats and dogs leave their “business cards”, they’re on poorly washed fruits and vegetables, they’re in the water – they’re everywhere.

Dr. Bryan Carpenter writes: “We need to clean the intestinal tract regularly to avoid poisoning. 95% of the water consumed by the body is assimilated in the colon. Toxic compounds are absorbed from the contaminated intestinal tract together with water. Toxins block enzymes without which no cell can function properly. 90% of diseases start in the intestinal tract. In fact, it is the toxins that cause the disease. They also make it difficult to recover by disrupting the proper metabolism at the cellular level. ”

Many doctors and specialists believe that it is inefficient and even harmful to carry out treatment and strengthening the body (massages, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, etc.) without prior complex cleansing of the body, because it only pushes the disease and harmful substances deeper into the body’s cells.

Therefore, regular body cleansing with natural substances is the second step of the Health Concept, which we introduce in our daily lives to keep our aquarium clean.

Cell nutrition

The third step in the health concept is to feed the body’s cells. Our daily task is to provide the cells with the nutrients that will help the cells to recover, fully regenerate and function normally. And here it should be mentioned that everything in our body can be regenerated. All organs, bones, connective tissue, blood, etc. fully recovers after a certain period of time. But for all this to happen qualitatively it is necessary to provide our cells with all the necessary nutrients and follow all the steps of the health concept.

So what does our cells eat?

The cell needs:

  • 28 amino acids (of which 7 are essential);
  • 12 vitamins;
  • 15 minerals;
  • 3 unsaturated fatty acids;
  • Group 7 enzymes;
  • Oxygen;
  • Antioxidants;
  • Live water;
  • Lots of energy.

And all of this our cells needs every day!


The cat looking on fishThe fourth step is to protect your body. First of all, by using water on a daily basis, it will rinse the toxins out of your body. Toxins are formed in our body every day as a result of cell activity. Secondly, it is very important to protect our cells from free radicals, which attack our cells every minute, damage the cell membrane and the cells themselves, thus damaging tissues, organs and starting the aging process.

It is no less important to protect your body from the harmful effects of the environment, because everything enters our body through the airways and skin. Therefore, we have to think about the products we use to clean our teeth, use on our body, with what we wash our laundry or clean our home. In order to protect yourself and the environment, it is useful to replace all your household chemicals with ecological household cleaners.

It is also desirable to protect yourself and others from electromagnetic radiation as much as possible. It has been proven that the body instantly acidifies and the blood collects in the cells, immediately after talking on the phone, which has no protection from electromagnetic radiation. For personal protection from electromagnetic radiation we can use a neitronic device.


Our cell wish to eat and drink every day. And the cell / organism gets polluted every day. The mechanism of work of a cell or the conditions of how a living cell functions are the same for everyone. Thanks to the health concept and product range of Coral Club, we can provide a favorable endoecology for our cells, so that we have healthy cells, well-being, a fulfilling daily life, joy for life, joy for old age, so that we have the energy to realize in this world. The health concept is a long-term measure – a way of life, prevention and a way to survive in today’s conditions. The rest of the body will do everything by itself if we provide it with everything it needs.

The collected information in the article is based on materials nutritioner Vineta Medunecka and doctor Olga Butakova.

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