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Last updated on 17.10.2023

Aiga Finstere – how I solved my skin problems in a natural way

Aiga Finstere - how I solved my skin problems in a natural way

My name is Aiga Finstere and I’m from Latvia. When I started to use Coral Club products I was only 26 years old and at that moment I had the feeling my body is much older than I really am.

How my story began?

Around 2 years ago I noticed a lot of pimples on my face. At the beginning I thought it’s just from those few glasses of wine I had yesterday or too much sweets. So I said NO to alcohol, sweets, and milk products for at least month, but still my face condition went worse and worse.

The feeling, when your face is covered all over those very painful pimples, is very depressing. Especially for a woman it is hard to look in the mirror, cause the picture in front of you is not the prettiest. I didn’t want to go out of my house, cause when you do, people look at you thinking – what’s wrong with her.

One thing I knew for sure – I didn’t want to use any chemicals on my body. No antibiotics or hormone creams on my face. I have very bad memories of the similar skin problems 7 years ago. Back then I went to the doctor and she prescribed me antibiotics, acid cream for my face and special diet where I couldn’t eat anything else except fresh or boiled vegetables and drink only water.

My skin was burning and red under that acid cream and thanks to the antibiotics my immune system was crashed. That’s why, based on my previous experience, I wanted to find a way to cure my skin in a healthy way without any harm to my body.

Finally I found a solution

I went to Dr. Foll diagnosis where the nutritionist diagnosed parasite called Lamblia in by body. So she compiled an anti-parasitic program for 1.5 month. Actually first two weeks my skin condition went even worse and I almost lost my hope. So I called my nutritionist with a question: “What to do?” She advised me to stop using the products for a few days, cause probably my body is too dirty from the inside and my kidneys and lungs can’t handle it, so everything goes twice as much on my face. So I took a pause for a few days and then continued the program till the end. After 1.5 month my face condition improved for around 70%. And after 3-4 months my skin was perfectly clear.

Aiga Finstere results before and after

I’m very thankful that I found a way to cure my skin in a natural way. Since that, I keep having an anti-parasitic programs 2-3 times a year and I feel great!

Aiga Finstere – How I solved my skin problems

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