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B-Luron, hyaluronic acid

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B-Luron is a biologically active food supplement with a hyaluron-chondroitin complex (HCC), which is an innovative technological development of the German company Gramme-Revit GmbH and is designed to activate the production of its own synovial fluid, provide nutrition and restore of cartilage tissue. As a result of many years of testing observations and experiments, the developers managed to combine in a unique synergistic combination two main building materials to restore the functioning of cartilage – chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. The resulting complex is not inferior in effectiveness to intra-articular injections of hyaluronic acid and, moreover, it acts on all joints simultaneously.

B-Luron is a classic orthomolecular product, since its components and mechanism of action comply with the main principle of orthomolecular medicine: “restore and maintain health by changing the concentration of substances that are normally present in the human body, being responsible for his health”.

Benefits of B-Luron

  • Effect of the product aimed at the root cause of the problem;
  • Orthomolecular complex corrects imbalances at the molecular level to optimize the biochemical processes in the body;
  • Affects all the joints;
  • Can combined with physical therapy and any drugs;
  • Prolonged action (1 course of admission in 3-5 months);
  • No side effects;
  • Convenient form of production and use.

Recommendations for use B-Luron:

  • Arthrosis;
  • Age wear;
  • Prolonged excessive and / or one-sided load on the joints during operation (including overweight);
  • Large sports loads before and after competitions;
  • Pathology of inter-vertebral discs (protrusion, subsidence);
  • Period of rehabilitation after surgery on the joints (arthroscopic debridement);
  • Congenital X-and O — shaped curvature of the legs;
  • Osteochondropathies of teenagers;
  • Gout (in combination therapy).

The action of the active ingredients

Hyaluronic acid – more than just “joint fluid”.

Spinal joints Hyaluronic acid is found in many tissues of the human body: cartilage, bones, vitreous humor, heart valves, skin, synovial fluid. It tightens the skin and skin ligaments, elastically supported cartilage and lubricates our joints, is the main component of synovial or joint fluid. Without this fluid, our joints would not work. A healthy and young body produces hyaluronic acid itself. But with age, its synthesis in the body slows down, and when this happens, joint problems begin, and we notice those very unwanted wrinkles – the first signs of always premature aging.

At the age of 40, the formation of its own hyaluronic acid is reduced by 50 %. In 60 years and beyond, the body produces only 10 % of the required amount.

Hyaluronic acid by chemical structure refers to glycosaminoglycans or mucopolysaccharides, as it can bind large amounts of water, resulting in the intercellular substance acquires the character of a jelly-like matrix capable of “supporting” cells.

Shoulder joint Hyaluronic acid is able to bind and hold up to six liters of water per gram. Water cannot be compressed. This property hyaluronic acid transmits to the joints. It is responsible for the consistency of the liquid in the tissues and changes its viscosity depending on the action of mechanical forces: the liquid becomes more liquid at high loads, but remains viscous enough not to disappear from the joints in the form of water.

Chondroitin is an important component of cartilage. Chondroitin we partly consume with food, and partly it is synthesized in the body itself. Its bioactive form is chondroitin sulfate, because in the body it is used only after combining with a salt of sulfuric acid. Chondroitin sulfate is a magnet for liquids. Due to the electric charge of the chemical bond, it retains large amounts of water in the connective tissue and creates a jelly in which chondrocytes are located. This ensures the elasticity and cushioning ability of articular cartilage.

A big problem with cartilage regeneration is the lack of necessary building materials due to illness or other factors that were mentioned earlier. After all, as we have already found out, the cartilaginous tissue does not receive nutrients from the circulatory system. It receives joint fluid, which also helps to remove toxins from cartilage cells. If the body does not have enough nutrients, cartilage cells dry up and gradually die. Degenerated cartilage is no longer able to fulfill its cushioning function and provide mobility of the joint. Arthrosis begins to progress.


Chondroitin sulfate 300 mg, hyaluronic acid 150 mg, vitamin E 15 mg, auxiliary components (inverted sugar, potassium sorbate, water).

How to use

Take 30 ml once a day, after meal. Can be taken at any time of the day, but preferably at the same time during the month. Store in refrigerator. Shake before use.
After taking B-Luron, it is already in the lymph in 15 minutes, in 24 hours in the joints and in all tissues for 3-5 months.

The formula for calculating the safe dose in relation to body weight is necessary only for people weighing more than 100 kg. People weighing less than 100 kg can take the product without any risk to their health. A large amount of hyaluronic acid is absorbed not only by the joints, but also by other organs such as the eyes, hair, skin and gums.

Hip joint Noticeable symptoms of improvement do not appear immediately, but after reaching a certain concentration of hyaluronic acid in the joint by the end of 2-3 weeks. It depends on the degree of joint damage, how large the deficiency of chondroitin and hyaluronic acid is. Accordingly, the less the joint is damaged, the faster the relief and recovery will come. In especially severe cases, it is advisable to repeat the course to achieve a result.

In order for the product to be delivered to all problem areas in good quality, our lymph must be clean. That’s why it is recommended to cleanse your body before using Bi-Luron. Go through a comprehensive antiviral / antibacterial / antiparasitic program, cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and, finally, lymph. Lymphatic system is our sewer system, in which all the slag that our cells secrete as a result of the activities of life accumulate.

But if the joint problems are unbearable, then you can drink B-Luron immediately, and the results will be in any case. In parallel with B-Luron, it is strongly recommended to drink on the background of the Coral-Detox program, as this will make the orthomolecular complex even more effective.

For individual recommendation please contact us.

You will find more detailed information about the product on the official Bi-Luron website.

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B-Luron: Healthy joints for an active life

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