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The body parasites

body parasites

Attitude to parasites (bacteria, fungi, worms) from different people usually strictly opposite. One extreme – the desire to complete sterility. The second extreme – neglect.

Organism parasites Whether we like it or not, around us there is a huge potential for parasites in our body, and if we lose our vigilance, uninvited guests simply enter the body, multiply, depress the immune system and contribute to the development of many chronic diseases.

In humans, there is a certain amount of parasites, they need as an irritant (coach) for immunity. Health Problems arise only when the number of parasites goes critical mass.
Monitoring shall consist of two processes – preventing the appearance of parasites in the body and their periodic removal.

Causes of parasitic infections:

  • Violation of personal hygiene.
  • Decreased secretion of gastric juice, egg shell destructive worms.
  • Weakened immunity.
  • Disruption of the normal intestinal microbiocenosis.
  • Suboptimal nutrition.
  • Violation of the outflow of bile and the loss of its bacteriostatic properties.
  • Related fungal infection.
  • Violation of enzyme activity.

Prevention against parasites

Prevention of parasites begins with control over their emotions. This is the first thing to do, not eat pills and medicine. Scientists have proved that negative emotions (fear, resentment, anger, and so on) work depress thymus (thymus gland), which synthesizes T lymphocytes, and this, as you know – one of the main components of our immune system.

We should not overeat and reduce the amount in your diet products containing tremor (white bread, flour) and promote fermentation (sugar). Regular overeating leads to accumulation of excess nutrients than happy to use all parasites (from the simplest to the worms). If there is excess sugars body – this leads to fermentation, which facilitates the development of parasitic fungi and bacteria.

Use antibiotics and other drugs can only be provided if the body itself, which can not cope with any challenge. Frequent use of drugs inhibits the immune system and greatly pollutes the body, breaking the long work of internal organs that only promotes the development of parasites.

Observe good personal hygiene. Do not forget to thoroughly wash vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc.

Given the very high degree of pollution risk advisable to 2 times a year undergo a prophylactic course of deworming.

Antiparasitic programs:

If you would like advice on the purchase or use of the products, please contact one of the health advisors.

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