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Chewable Papaya

Chewable Papaya

Chewable Papaya

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Its blend of plant enzymes derived from papayas and pineapples, combined with turmeric root extract and vitamin B2, enhances the digestion and assimilation of proteins.

Benefits of Chewable Papaya

  • An advanced blend of bromelain enzymes and papaya extract;
  • Pleasant-tasting chewable tablets for ease of digestion;
  • Enriched with the benefits of turmeric root extract and vitamin B2.
  • Chewable papaya is suitable for vegetarians and vegans;
  • Soy-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, GMO-free.

Chewable Papaya is designed to help:

  • Enhance the digestive process and nutrient absorption from protein-rich foods;
  • Alleviate occasional digestive discomfort;
  • Promote gastrointestinal wellness;
  • Bolster the immune system.

The action of the active ingredients


Bromelain is a plant enzyme naturally found in pineapples and their parts. Although bromelain is present throughout the fruit, the highest concentration of bromelain is in the core of the fruit and in the plant’s stems. Bromelain belongs to the group of proteolytic enzymes, which means it’s an enzyme that breaks down proteins (bromelain digests proteins similarly to the stomach enzyme pepsin).

Bromelain and papaya fruit extract


Papaya fruit extract is valued for its high content of papain, a plant proteolytic (protein-degrading) enzyme. Interestingly, papain is only found in unripe papaya fruit, while it is not found in ripe fruit. In addition to its digestive value (since papain breaks down proteins like the stomach enzyme pepsin), papain has antioxidant activity and reduces the risk of allergies in gluten intolerance.

Papain works better in environments with a neutral pH close to 6.0-7.0, but it manages to retain its activity over a wide pH range. Therefore, it can work in the acidic environment of the stomach, as well as in the alkaline environment of the duodenum and the neutral environment of the small intestine, which contributes to more efficient digestion of proteins.

Vitamin B2 and turmeric extract

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) like any other vitamin is involved in many biochemical processes. For the digestive system, its role in maintaining the health of the mucous membranes of the GI tract is important, as vitamin B2 promotes normal tissue regeneration and healing. In addition, vitamin B2 stimulates protein metabolism. It has a yellow color and additionally acts as a pigment in the product.

Turmeric root extract stimulates digestion and nutrient absorption, protects the liver and participates in fat metabolism. In our product, the curcumin content is low and it acts more as a coloring agent of natural origin, but it also affects the GI tract.

Is simply adding ripe papaya or pineapple juice to your diet sufficient?

The most potent bromelain is found in the inedible parts of pineapples, like the core and stems, and ripe papayas contain only small amounts of papain.

Moreover, the potency of vitamins and beneficial components diminishes with transport and storage time.

For this reason, Chewable Papaya is manufactured in proximity to where the fruits are harvested, ensuring the preservation of valuable components. The extracts are sourced from parts of the plants richest in enzymes.


In 1 daily dose (3 chewable tablets):

  • Papaya fruit extract (Carica papaya) – 225 mg
  • Bromelain – 60 mg
  • Turmeric rhizome extract (Curcuma longa) – 9.9 mg
  • Vitamin В2 – 0.45 mg

How to use

Adults take 1 chewable tablet 3 times daily with or immediately after meals.

Country of production

The product is manufactured in Thailand by TCI Co., Ltd. The same company produces Promarine Collagen Peptides, Metastick and Lipostick Fit.

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