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Coral Black Walnut

Coral Black Walnut

Coral Black Walnut

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The black walnut (Juglans nigra) is the closest relative of the walnut and has an identical chemical composition. At the same time, black walnut is distinguished by the quantitative superiority of nutrients, which explains its healing properties.

Benefits of Black Walnut

  • Flush out tapeworms and other parasites both chronic and acute;
  • Cure bacterial infections;
  • Act as a mild laxative;
  • Reduce inflammation;
  • Works as antioxidant.

Black walnut contain 8 times more vitamin C than black currants and 50 times more than citrus fruits, therefore, they possess antioxidant properties.

The action of the active ingredients

Black walnut leaf extract fights against worms and fungi of the genus Candida, helps to normalize stool and improve bowel function. It has antioxidant and restorative qualities. The healing effect of black walnut is due to the fact that this plant contains a large amount of juglone, as well as flavonoids, polyphenols, organic acids, unsaturated fatty acids, carotene, coumarins, glycosides, vitamins C, B1, B6, P, essential oils and minerals. It is important to note that the concentration of juglone and polyphenols in black walnut leaves is 2-4 times higher than in walnuts, which means that its effect is significantly different. Black walnut is used for helminthic invasions, gastrointestinal diseases, chronic eczema, diathesis.

Oregano leaf extract is a rich source of essential oils and tannins, as well as thymol and carvacrol – valuable substances that are effective against various types of parasites. In addition to anthelmintic qualities, oregano helps to normalize digestion: it stimulates intestinal peristalsis, improves the functioning of the gallbladder, and activates the secretion of the digestive glands.

Juglone is the most important and most active ingredient in black walnut. 500-700 grams of black walnut is needed to have 100 grams of juglone. It improves the function of the intestine, acting as a mild laxative. It is also effective against bacteria, parasite worms, and fungi. Even Hippocrates used it to flush out tapeworms. Traditional medicine of South and North America uses juglone against ascarids and tapeworms.

Flavonoids have antioxidant and spasm relief effects and relax the smooth muscles. Linolenic acid breaks down fat cells and reduces low-density cholesterol, which is one of the key causes of a buildup of plaque and fat damage to the liver.

Linolenic acid is very important for the human body as it is included in the membrane of nerve and retina cells.

Tannins reduce the irritation of mucous membranes and improve tissue density while reducing inflammation. Tannins create an impermeable film that insulates the mucous membranes from further damage or infection, thereby helping them heal better.


Black walnut (Juglans nigra) leaf extract 300 mg.

Oregano (Origanum Vulgare) leaf extract 50 mg.

How to use

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Take two capsules two times a day with a meal.

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