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Last updated on 24.09.2021

Dace Udre: How I gained peace and harmony in my life

Dace Udre - How I gained peace and harmony in my life

Great things start with small steps, with a consistent approach, with understanding why you even want to live and feel better, and how to reach your goals.

Health issues

Two years ago, I decided to introduce a healthier lifestyle to my daily routine, I was eager to change my habits. I started to work out three times a week and changed from canteen choices to a home-made meal. Thus I lost about 22 pounds of excess weight, but I still felt anxious and had a lack of energy. Also my skin issues popped out due to long lasting body and mental stress. I was diagnosed with psoriasis. Furthermore, I was often suffering from respiratory diseases and allergies like dust mites and pollen.

Looking for new opportunities

I knew that my son deserves a strong and well rested mother. This is why I looked for a solution and decided to join an online project “Change your life in 90 days” led by experienced nutriciologists. I learned how to drink bioavailable, structured water, and clean my body from toxins and pathogens. I supported my liver, kidneys as well as neural system. After the deep purification program, I cleansed my lymphatic system.

Eventually, I restored intestinal microflora and improved digestive functionality, as well as nourished my cells with minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.


Now after mastering the Health Concept, I have regained deep and quality nights of sleep, I wake up fully rested, have more energy, and my skin issues on my face, belly and limbs are finally improved.

If you also crave for changes in your life, just let me know and I will gladly help you.

Dace Ūdre, Health and Wellness Coach

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