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Last updated on 20.07.2022

26 countries meet for European Convention in Bucharest, Romania

European Convention in Bucharest

In the middle of October European Convention of Coral Club for the first time took place in the capital city of Romania – Bucharest. Weather and people were very welcoming and more than 500 Coral Club members spent a fantastic weekend.

Romania team Total 26 different European countries were represented in the event – the largest number of representatives were from Romania, Germany and Ukraine.

It was worth to visit the event as company management came up with exciting news about new products and strategies. It was a true celebration of the new Colo Vada Light body detox program created by Albert Zehr – naturopath in the 6th generation.

Nevertheless company has promised to launch 20 new product packs in 2020 – making the future very clear and simple for those who work with the company. In the nearest future there will be available product packs like NutriPack, Para-Shield Pack, I-pack and others. Package solution is Coral Club company vision for the future – simple to understand and simple to use – especially for the everyday consumers.

Photo collage from Romania

Of course new statusses were celebrated including two Double Silver Executives and the first Platin Executive in Europe. Company’s leaders shared their best how-to tips and inspired everyone.

Next Coral Club European Convention will take place on May 16-17 in Berlin, 2020. If you want to register for the next conference you need to become a Coral Club member. Please fill in the registration form which you will find bellow.

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