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Oceanmin is a concentration of 100% natural deep-sea ocean minerals, taken from a depth of 662 meters in the form of ions. The product provides the body with the necessary bioavailable minerals to optimize the body’s important processes and restore the body’s strength.

Deep Okean Water

The product is manufactured, using patented technology, from deep-sea water, which has a special purity and is characterized by a unique mineral composition. During the production process, the sodium content in water is reduced, the content of other minerals is regulated, as a result of which magnesium becomes the main (but not the only) mineral in the composition. The original production uses multi-membrane filter technology and highly efficient vacuum evaporation processes to concentrate deep-water minerals. The deep-sea seawater extraction process is environmentally safe and a completely renewable resource.

Scientists have conducted many studies (including clinical trials) that confirm the multifaceted health benefits of deep-sea minerals.

Benefits of Oceanmin

The product will be beneficial for:

  • those who feel tired, want to increase their ability to work and increase endurance;
  • those who do sports or physical work intensively and lose a lot of trace elements through sweat;
  • anyone who drinks low-hardness water, incl. filtered by reverse osmosis;
  • anyone in a situation of chronic stress and/or poor sleep;
  • who wants to support muscle work, including the heart;
  • those who are on diets, have high cholesterol, are overweight;
  • those who have a tendency towards heartburn and/or constipation;
  • women during and after menopause;
  • those who drink alcohol (more than 50 ml of strong alcohol more than 3 times a week);
  • for strengthening any bone tissue;
  • anyone with signs of magnesium deficiency in the body.

When the product is dissolved in water, the natural salt minerals are converted into easily accessible ionic forms (Mg +, K +, N +, Ca +).

Combination of active components


The magnesium is the main component in the composition: the usual symptoms of its deficiency are fatigue, low work capacity, insomnia, irritability. It is magnesium that regulates the nervous system excitability, behavioral and adaptive reactions, participates in circadian rhythm control, eating behavior and plays an important role in memory and learning mechanisms. Magnesium relaxes muscles (including the heart) and helps reduce spasms that often occur in muscles after intense exercise or stress.

Another major role of magnesium is the conversion of glucose from food into energy. Thus, enough magnesium can help maintain a stable energy level and prevent fatigue.

Magnesium deficiency is most common in those people who:

  • are actively involved in sports or have a heavy physical work;
  • frequent use of alcohol, smoking;
  • live in an area with low salt content in water (“soft” water);
  • follow unbalanced diets, fasting;
  • are in a situation of chronic stress;
  • there suffer from diseases – cardiovascular, gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease;
  • use of antibiotics, diuretics, hormones.

Potassium, sodium, calcium

The main electrolytes of the body. Helps nutrients get into cells and metabolic products to leave cells, maintains water-salt and alkaline-acid balance in them.

70 macro- and microelements

In addition to magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium, Oceanmin contains about 70 other minerals naturally found in deep-sea water. When used regularly, they have a normalizing effect on all organs and systems of the body.


One sachet contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, chromium, iron, iodine, selenium, zinc, manganese and more than 60 other trace elements.
The deep-sea water extract contains at least 120 mg of magnesium, at least 90 mg of sodium, at least 35 mg of potassium and at least 0.9 mg of calcium.

How to use

Dissolve 1 sachet (1 g of powder) in 0.75-1 L (34oz) of drinking water and drink during the day, preferably on an empty stomach.

Unlike with Coral-Mine, to improve the effect, it is recommended to reduce the amount of water by half of two thirds, but when using Oceanmin, the amount of water does not need to be reduced, on the contrary, it can be increased depending on the individual reaction of the body.

Oceanmin does not replace Coral-Mine!

Country of production


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