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Omega 3 Oranges

Omega 3 Oranges

Omega 3 Oranges

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Omega 3 Oranges” – a first-class fish oil with orange flavor chewable capsules. Ideal for children, because combines properties such as utility and taste.

Benefits of Omega 3 Oranges

Action on the body of the product:

  • It supports the health of the child cardiovascular system;
  • It aims to achieve the optimal development and growth of the baby organism;
  • Improves mental development and concentration during training or different tasks;
  • Reduces irritability and hyperactivity;
  • Retains and supports the visual acuity.

Thanks to a convenient form – chewable capsules with natural orange flavor “Omega 3 Oranges” like children, in contrast to traditional cod liver oil. The product does not contain chemical sweeteners and flavors.

The action of the active ingredients

Omega-3, especially EPA and DHA, are important for children’s health. Optimal levels of this fatty acid have beneficial effect on children’s cognitive abilities, memory, the ability to perceive information, and motor-visual coordination. Multiple studies have shown that Omega-3 supplementation might help to improve behavior, reduce hyperactivity, and boost attention in kids.

Accumulated evidence from numerous research, has linked Omega -3 to behavior and learning improvement in children. Researchers at the University of Oxford have found that child’s blood levels of long-chain Omega-3 DHA can significantly predict how well a child is able to concentrate and learn. In this study, 500 children (between seven and nine years old) were investigated. Children that had higher levels of Omega -3 fatty acids in their blood, DHA in particular, were associated with better reading and good memory, in addition with fewer behavior problems as rated by parents and teachers.


Fish oil 500 mg (Omega 3 Fatty Acids 150 mg; EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) 80 mg; DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) 50 mg); other ingredients.

How to use

For children from 3 to 7 years, the average daily dose is 1-2 capsules, and from 7 to 11 years 2-3 capsules, you must take the liquid after a meal.

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