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PhytoMix for Women

PhytoMix for Women

PhytoMix for Women (2110)

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PhytoMix for women – a non-hormonal product designed to maintain the physical and psychological health of women during menopause and reduce the discomfort associated with its typical symptoms (hot flushes, sweating, emotional instability, insomnia, depression).


  • Favorably influences the hormones of the female body, gently soothes, helps to cope with depression, neurosis, and insomnia.
  • Hops and linen – known natural sources of phytoestrogens.

The action of the active ingredients


“Women”, amino acid facilitates the state during the menopause (reduces hot flushes, fever, sweating), is indispensable in conjunction with phytoestrogens.

The extract of hop cones

A calming effect on the central nervous system, reduces irritability, headaches, improves mood and sleep. Thanks, phytoestrogens delicately adjust the menstrual cycle and sexual activity promotes the synthesis of female hormones.

Flax seeds

A rich source of lignans, possessing hormone-activity compensates for the lack of female hormones in the body, supports the health of the mammary glands.

The extract of saffron seed

It contains crocin and safranal – a unique antioxidant and anti-stress components that improve the emotional background.


Beta-alanine 400 mg
Extract of hop cones 100 mg
Flax seed extract ordinary 30 mg
Extract of saffron seed 20 mg

How to use

Adults take 1 capsule 3 times daily with meals.

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