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Phytoviron is a unique phytoconcentrate from 21 medicinal plant water alcohol extracts, each of which has a long tradition of usage to strengthen immunity.

It is a concentrated source of many useful active substances of plant origin: vitamin C, vitamin B group, essential oils (phytoncides), polysaccharides, saponins, flavonoids, sterols, organic acids, macro- and microelements, bitter substances, tannins. Medicinal plants in Phytoviron are compatible with each other, and their combination often manifests itself as a synergy of their action.

The diversity of the composition determines a wide range of properties that are useful for prevention and help the weakened body’s defenses, which can lead to the development of various health problems, including viral colds.

Phytoviron by Dr. Dusek

Dr. Niels Dusek Dr. Niels Dusek – creator of the legendary joint health complex B-Luron. The results of Dusek’s 15-year research on the compatibility of phytoextracts made it possible to choose compositions in which each active substance enhances the action of the other.

Before creating a new product, Dr. Dusek had analyzed the effects of various herbs and plants and selected the most effective ones. All the plants in the product are shipped to Germany and their extracts are made directly from company of Dr. Dusek. This approach allows full control of the entire production cycle to avoid long-term storage and transportation of the finished extracts from third parties.

Each extract is obtained using an individually adjusted concentration of extractor, which allows to release the required substances from the plant in maximum concentrations. The compatibility of the components is then checked to avoid their antagonistic (incompatible) effects. And finally, thanks to the right proportions of all components, the overall synergy of action is achieved, which ensures the effectiveness of the phytoconcentrate.

The method of searching for the ideal formula

Step 1

Choose the right components from a variety of plants from around the world.

Initially, more than 50 useful plants from around the world were selected.

Highly active 21 extract: the natural power to fight for immunity

Highly active 21 extract: the natural power to fight for immunity

Highly active 21 extract: the natural power to fight for immunity

Step 2

water-alcohol extracts are made for each plant

Then, according to individual technology, water-alcohol extracts are made for each plant.

Step 3


All extracts are tested for compatibility to avoid functional antagonism.

Step 4

Only those components that reinforce each other remain in the formula. The correct base of ingredients and strictly calculated proportions of all components ensure synergy of the total effect, which guarantees high efficiency of the phytoconcentrate.

21 arguments on how to improve your immunity

Phytoviron As a result of Dr. Dusek’s long and hard work, “surplus” components were selected. Phytoviron contained 21 plant extracts. It is the components of plant origin that provide efficiency, fast absorption and product safety.

These extracts are a source of many active compounds that fight viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Benefits of Phytoviron

  • Activates the body’s defenses;
  • Promotes the strengthening of non-specific (innate) and specific (acquired) immunity. Helps to relieve symptoms, shorten the duration of the disease, reduces the risk of complications;
  • Helps reduce symptoms, reduces the duration of the disease, reduces the probability of complications;
  • Participates in the reduction of inflammatory processes;
  • Generates activity against many pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Increases the body’s adaptive capacity;
  • Accelerates recovery processes.

Phytoviron activates all three levels of immune protection:

  • Accelerates skin regeneration by supporting its barrier functions;
  • Prevents the invasion of pathogens and promotes the development of interferon;
  • Activates antibody synthesis.

Action of active components

The active components of the composition neutralize the virus in the body, its stages of entry and development, as well as help the body to overcome the consequences of viral infection.

Prevents the virus from entering the cell

Licorice root

Licorice root

The active ingredients in licorice and baikis root have the ability to inhibit (suppress) viral glycoproteins, neuraminidase and haemagglutinin, which help viruses to pass through mucous secretions directly into airway epithelial cells, as well as facilitate the release of newly formed viral cell particles.

Baikal helmet root

Baikal helmet root

The virus protein envelope contains two important proteins, haemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA). Hemagglutinin is needed for the virus particle to attach to the cell, and neuraminidase for the particle to separate from the cell when it leaves.

This prevents or slows down the spread of virus particles in the body. Once the virus has entered the cell, the active substances in the barking helmet prevent the release of the viral RNA. Slow release of viral RNA prevents the virus from replicating (multiplying) in the body.

Regulates the anti-inflammatory and modulatory action of cytokines *

* Cytokines are proteins of cells activated by the immune system that provides intercellular interactions. Cytokines include interferons (INF), interleukins (IL), chemokines, tumor necrosis factors (TNF), colony stimulating factors (CSF), growth factors. Cytokines act on the principle of a relay: the effect of a cytokine on a cell causes it to produce other cytokines (cytokine cascade).

Field horsetail grass, medicinal horseradish root, aloe, wild rose fruit

Field horsetail grass, medicinal horseradish root, aloe, wild rose fruit

Once the virion (a part of the extracellular virus) has entered the ‘host’ cell, the body responds by activating the production of cytokines, which determine the movement of the masses and the entry of immune cells into the affected tissues. The active substances of aloe vera, horseradish, licorice root, baikal helmet, horseradish root regulate the production of cytokines and thus help to stabilize the condition, preventing more serious damage. Rosehip fruits, linden flowers, clover grass, calendula flowers, nettle leaves, sea buckthorn berries rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C), activate the development of their interferon (one of the types of cytokines) and show strong antioxidant activity.

Prevents tissue damage in the body as a complication of a viral infection

Severe infectious diseases cause a series of sequential reactions that result in increased body tissue permeability and edema. Both of these conditions interfere with the normal functioning of the internal organs, which are made up of such tissues. The active substances in licorice and horseradish root can bind directly to the amphotericin protein, which causes such conditions and helps to reduce its negative effects.

Birch leaves, juniper, rosemary

Birch leaves, juniper, rosemary

Virus diseases weaken the body’s defenses and can lead to uncontrolled increased pathogenic parts due to microflora imbalances, as well as facilitating the entry of pathogenic microorganisms into organs and tissues. The active substances of birch leaves, juniper, rosemary, horseradish roots, gentian contain phytoncides, which inhibit the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, protozoa and help prevent the development of many complications.

The complexes support the body’s immune function

The active components of chaga fungus and eliteococcus root support the process of lymphocyte maturation and activation.

Chaga mushroom

Chaga mushroom

Eliteococcus roots, nettle leaves, calendula flowers, astrageal root active components participate in the stimulation of phagocytic immunity.

The active components of kosa are responsible for maintaining the balance of circulating immune complexes (accumulation of immune complexes in tissues can lead to autoimmune diseases).

The anti-inflammatory action is determined by the active components of aloe, birch and nettle leaves, bunch of grass and linden flowers.

Provides adaptogenic action (increases the body’s non-specific resistance to infections)

Purple echinacea

Purple echinacea

The active ingredients of aloe vera, rosehip root, chaga mushroom, elephococcus root, purple echinacea have adaptogenic qualities, for example, it helps the body adapt to certain conditions: supports the body’s defenses, prevents the development or deterioration of chronic diseases, helps to cope with stress and excessive fatigue, increases the body’s resistance to a wide range of various harmful effects.


Invert sugar

Aloe arborescens extract

Lime flower extract (Tilia cordata flower extract)

Rhodiola rosea root extract

Calendula officinalis flower extract

Gentian leaf extract (Eupatorium perfoliatum herb extract)

Licorice root extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract)

Chago mushroom extract (Inonotus obliquus extract)

Rosehip extract (Rosa canina fruit extract)

Eleutherococcus senticosus root extract

Echinacea purpurea herb extract

Scutellaria baicalensis root extract

Angelica officinalis root extract

Astragalus root extract (Astragalus chinensis root extract)

Salvia miltiorrhiza root extract

Betula alba leaf extract

Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract

Urtica diolica leaf extract

Centaurium erythraea herb extract

Juniper berry extract (Juniperus communis fruit extract)

Sea buckthorn berry extract (Hippophaë rhamnoides fruit extract)

Equisetum arvense herb extract

Potassium sorbate (Е202)

Ethanol (5.6%)

Water (per 500 ml).

How to use

For prevention: 1 measuring cup (15 ml) + 1/2 glass of water after meal. Use phytoconcentrate 1-2 times a day.

For enhanced support: 1 measuring cup (15 ml) + 1/2 glass of water after a meal. 3-5 times a day to reduce the risk of symptoms and complications.

Keep it in a dry, dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C in tightly closed container. After opening keep it in the refrigerator.

Term of validity: 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Country of origin: Germany

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