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Promarine Collagen Peptides

Promarine Collagen Peptides

Promarine Collagen Peptides

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Skin youthfulness dependent on one component. This component is COLLAGEN. The unique formula of the product combines bioavailable collagen, the best natural ingredients and modern technologies. Concentrated source of types 1 and 3 marine collagen for youthful skin, strong nails and shiny hair.

Collagen fiber

Due to its special structure, collagen firmly binds tissues, literally holding the body together.

Collagen fiber

Without collagen fibers, most organs and tissues will lose their shape and cannot perform their functions normally.

The older the body, the less collagen

Our body synthesizes collagen itself from proteins that come from food. However, after the age of 25, this process begins to slow down, and the collagen content in organs and tissues begins to decrease.

Collagen reduction by years

What are the effects of collagen deficiency?

  • Rapid skin aging, dryness and wrinkles;
  • Disruption in the healthy growth and structure of hair and nails;
  • Problems with the spine and ligamentous apparatus;
  • Visual impairment;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • The prolapse of the internal organs due to lower elasticity of ligaments;
  • Dental problems, fragility of bones and joints;
  • Vascular disease.

Young, elastic and firm skin contains 70% collagen.

Structure of the skin

Thanks to collagen:

  • The skin remains smooth and elastic;
  • A clear oval of the face is preserved;
  • The appearance of wrinkles is slowed down;
  • Cellular regeneration is accelerated;
  • The protective properties of the skin are maintained.

Skin structure

How does the skin age?

How does the skin age

  • Collagen synthesis slows down;
  • Collagen fibers become thicker and shorter;
  • The destruction of collagen begins to outstrip its synthesis;
  • Exfoliation of the skin slows down resulting in a build up of Damaged collagen in the skin and the skin tone becomes uneven.

The elasticity and firmness of the skin decreases, wrinkles and uneven tone appear.

Collagen types

Molecula Collagen peptides are small in size with a molecular weight 1-5 kDa (kilodaltons) and can easily penetrate into the bloodstream.

That is why collagen peptides are distinguished by high bioavailability and efficiency compared to raw collagen (cartilage and skin) with a molecular mass of 300-360 kDa and partially hydrolyzed collagen (gelatin) with a molecular mass of 200-250 kDa.

Research results

  • 8 adult participants;
  • age 25-60 years;
  • 4 weeks of taking collagen peptides.

Collagen research

Benefits of Promarine Collagen Peptides

The promarine collagen peptides contain natural ingredients for pleasant texture, taste and color:

  • low-cal vegetable sweeteners (erythritol and steviol glycoside);
  • natural flavors – orange, lemon and apple;
  • Apple and blueberry juice concentrate, pectin, citric acid – for a pleasant texture, taste and colour.

Promarine collagen peptides Promarine collagen peptides for:

  • Face: for radiant, smooth, moisturized skin (slowing down age-related changes: wrinkles, dryness and flabbiness);
  • Bodies: for tighten and tone (reduce the appearance of cellulite);
  • Hair and nails: for shiny hair and strong nails (improving keratin synthesis).

Promarine Collagen Peptides 10,000 mg in 1 dose!

High strength glass bottles are used for the product:

  • Glass as an inert material ensures excellent product preservation;
  • Care for the environment;
  • Rejection of preservatives.

Unlike collagen peptides derived from cattle, pigs and poultry, promarine collagen peptides:

  • Are shorter in length*
  • Have lower molecular weight**
  • Are suitable for more people, including muslims and pescetarians;
  • Do not carry the risk of contracting mad cow disease and avian influenza.

*Alemán, A.; Martínez-Alvarez, O. Marine collagen as a source of bioactive molecules: A review. 2013.
**Khan, S.B.; Qian, Z.-J.; Ryu, B.; Kim, S.-K. Isolation and biochemical characterization of collagens from seaweed pipefish, 2009.

The action of the active ingredients

Vitamin C:

  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen by fibroblasts;
  • Participates in the production of hyaluronic acid and elastin;
  • Protects the cells from free radicals;
  • Protects the skin from UV radiation.

Vitamin B6:

  • Is necessary for collagen synthesis, because it regulates protein metabolism. It is important for the mutual transformation and metabolism of amino acids;
  • Deficiency of this vitamin can result in skin diseases (dermatitis, dryness and flaking, psoriasis).

Biotin (“beauty vitamin”, vitamin B7 or Н):

  • Contains Sulphur – an important component for collagen synthesis and, therefore, for the health of skin, nails and hair;
  • Its deficiency can cause deterioration of nails condition (brittleness, flaking off, impaired growth and structure), hair (split ends, thinning and fractured hair, loss of hair, premature grey hair, increased fat content, or conversely, excessive dryness).

Collagen synthesis


Marine collagen peptides: 10,000 mg
Vitamin С: 100 mg (167% RDV*)
Vitamin В6: 1.4 mg (70% RDV *)
Biotin: 50 mcg (100% RDV *)
Spinach: 1 mg

*RDV — Recommended Daily Value

How to use

Shake, open and take a sip. One bottle (1 serving) in the morning on an empty stomach (it can be taken with meals if the stomach is intolerant).

Duration of admission:

  • 4 weeks of continuous use to increase skin hydration, smoothness and firmness.
  • With aging skin, you can extend the intake up to 2 months.

1 course = 30 bottles of 50 ml.

Note: It is recommended to exclude carbohydrates from the diet as much as possible during the course of collagen so that there is no glycation of this collagen (glycation is a natural process in which sugar in the bloodstream binds to proteins and forms harmful molecules, as a result of which the skin ages).

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