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Shark Liver Oil

Shark Liver Oil

Shark Liver Oil

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Shark liver oil is a 100% natural product made from the fat of deep-sea sharks caught off the coast of Tasmania. It supplies the body with such indispensable substances as alkiglycerides, squalene, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A, E, and D. The product’s active ingredients improve the immune system and have an anti-inflammatory, hypolipidemic, and antioxidant effect.

Shark liver oil is a unique natural substance for improving health. The broad range of beneficial ingredients contained in it has earned it the nickname of ‘gray gold’. For centuries shark liver oil has been used by seaside communities as treatment for immunodeficiency, infectious diseases, allergies, stress, as well as open wounds and sores. Shark liver oil was given to people recovering from various conditions to speed up the rehabilitation process. Modern research has confirmed the unique properties of this product.

Benefits of Shark Liver Oil

Product use for:

  • Boost the immune system;
  • Reduce the overall level of cholesterol;
  • Prevent allergies;
  • Prevent deterioration of eyesight;
  • Accelerate rehabilitation after disease or stress;
  • Prevent the adverse effects of living in contaminated environments.

The action of the active ingredients

Alkiglycerides (AKG) are the only type of antioxidants that can penetrate cells. They are phenomenally effective at binding and purging free radicals that have already penetrated the cell membranes; and are causing damage on the cellular level, which is extremely dangerous. For example, damage to the intercellular DNA can cause cancer. AKG directly affect macrophages increasing the secretion of over 50 immune factors, some of the most important of which are interleukins. They can also stimulate the T-helpers that destroy viruses.

Squalene reduces the overall level of cholesterol and the level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood, preventing the formation of fat plaques and the clogging up of blood vessels. It reduces inflammation and acts as an antioxidant by binding oxygen and saturating tissues with it, thereby preventing the damaging effect of free radicals on the cells.

Omega 3 fatty acids improve the composition of blood lipids and the synthesis of eicosanoids that regulate the immune status of the body. They also affect the blood clotting process, improve microcirculation, and regulate the tone of the blood vessels, preventing arrhythmia and the development of hypertension. It’s been established that diets which include shark liver oil significantly reduce blood pressure.

Vitamins needed to boost the immune response to infections and maintain the skin, mucous membranes, and bones in good condition as well as to improve eyesight.


Shark liver oil 300 mg, squalene 275 mg.

How to use

Adults 2-4 capsules daily, half an hour before meals.

Attention: If you are allergic to fish products before use, consult a doctor.

Country of production

USA (BIO International, Inc.)

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