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Bioresonance test

Bioresonance test

Unfortunately, doctors of different specialties and the diagnostic methods they use usually examine only a single system or organ of the body. To identify the causes of various health problems, it is very important to see the human body as a whole, without excluding the interaction of the body’s systems.

There are several advantages to assessing the overall condition of your body:

  • It helps to identify the body’s health problems, their causes and consequences;
  • Based on this, identify the most effective programs for the use of natural products in humans.

There are different types of diagnostics of the general condition of the body in the world. One of the simplest and most accessible, applicable to both children and people of respectable age, is the bioresonance test with Life Expert Profi equipment.

Life Expert Profi

Life Expert Profi is a modern multifunctional body health diagnostic and bioresonance device.

The bioresonance test with the Life Expert Profi device is based on the scanning of the electrical conductivity of the biologically active points of the body and the subsequent analysis in order to obtain results on the general functional condition of individual organs, their systems and the body.

The Life Expert Profi device health assessment test lasts only 100 seconds and provides comprehensive information on:

  • Condition of 47 organs and systems;
  • Presence of parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa in the body;
  • The extent to which vitamins and amino acids are synthesized in the body;
  • Possible contamination of the body with heavy metals;
  • The level of acidity or alkalinity of the body’s cells;
  • Biological age and causes of aging;
  • Possible deviations in the body;
  • Etc. indicators.

Advantages of the Life Expert Profi test:

  • Efficiency. The device is based on proven modern technologies.
  • Versatility. There is no age limit for the test.
  • Important! Life Expert Profi equipment is harmless to the human body.

Life Expert Profi test + result explanation takes about 1 hour.

The test results will be sent to your e-mail address. After the test, you will be able to receive counseling to improve your health by evaluating the test results and the condition of your organs / systems.

Bioresonance test

Bioresonance test example

What you need to know before going for a bioresonance test:

  • Refrain from drinking alcohol for 2-3 days before the test;
  • Refrain from using coffee, strong tea, spicy foods for 1 day before the test;
  • Abstain from using chocolate, citrus fruits, chewing gum, energy drinks shortly before the test;
  • In the evening of the previous day, avoid contact with chemically active substances (varnishes, paints, solvents);
  • It is recommended not to smoke the day before the test, if it does not cause stress;
  • It is advisable to wear clothing made of natural material for the test.

Restrictions for performing the test:

  • Presence of electrical stimulator in the body;
  • Significant skin damage at the electrode joints.

How to apply for the bioresonance test?

The test is performed by our leading nutriciologists in Riga, Kuldiga and Scotland, who are certified specialists to work with the Life Expert Profi device.

Zane Jirgensone
Zane Jirgensone / SkotlandMob: (+44) 7764 754739E-mail: [email protected]
Evita Tidmane
Evita Tidmane / KuldigaMob: (+371) 29 488 824E-pasts: [email protected]
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