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Cellution 7 Face Care Collection

Cellution 7 Face Care Collection, cosmetic

Cellution 7 Face Care Collection (7000)

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Cellution 7 Face Care Collection – the natural line of cosmetic products for mature skin care is designed to help any woman who wants to preserve her youthful appeal and beauty.

At the core of the Series C7 are the natural herbal ingredients that help fight aging and time.

The action of the active ingredients

Aloe Vera is a rich source of enzymes, vitamins, and other bioactive substances essential for skin care. It has excellent antibacterial, moisturizing, and toning effects. Aloe Vera works gently penetrating into deeper layers of the skin. Aloe extract is excellent at cleansing pores, stimulating cell regeneration, moisturizing, tightening, and restoring natural moisture balance to the skin. It improves blood circulation and reduces irritation and inflammation.

Face Care CollectionHyaluronic Acid has a high capacity for water retention that increases the skin’s ability to change shape and return to normal (elasticity). It has an anti-inflammatory and astringent effect due to forming a protective water barrier on the surface of the affected skin, speeding up the processes of recovery and enhancing formation of new cells. It works to protect skin from the toxic effects of pathogenic microbes (pathogens).

Natural plant extracts (cucumber, seaweed, green tea, papaya, and pineapple) and vitamins A, C, E, and D perfectly cleanse, moisturize and nourish the skin; protecting it from dehydration, improving skin complexion, providing powerful antioxidant protection; actively fighting the damaging effect of ultraviolet and free radicals, and preventing premature aging and wrinkles.

Wheat proteins have an instantaneous moisturizing effect on the skin thus increasing its elasticity. They stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, boost the process of cell renewal, tighten pores; and intensively nourish the skin that is weakened by stress. They help it retain moisture in its outer layers and smooth fine wrinkles.

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