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Last updated on 20.07.2022

Food Free Thursdays

Food Free Thursdays

Trying to find a way to regularly relieve the daily overdose of food? A new project “FOOD FREE THURSDAYS” has been created for your beauty, healthy weight and most importantly – health reasons.

Description of the “Food Free Thursdays”

During these days, which happen once a week, we replace our usual meals with the “Daily Delicious Beauty Shake“. Start the morning with bio-available “Coral-Mine” water and optionally adding “Hi-Fiber” powder for healthy intestinal function. Following these guidelines, you can lose between 600 g and 2 kg (1.3 to 4.5 Ibs). It also gives your digestion system a little break.

Participation in the project is free. According to your chosen program, you may need to buy certain products and bring a great mood.

After replacing your normal meals on shake day, the body will:

  • get rid of edema;
  • loose excess, accumulated fluid and, consequently some weight;
  • the stomach will gradually reduce after about 4-5 weeks and it helps to get rid of unhealthy habit of frequent overeating (Wow!);
  • cellulite will start to recede if regular shake days are observed;
  • skin condition will gradually improve as Daily Delicious Beauty Shakes also contain collagen;
  • over time, the body gets used to such a regular program and begins to expect it.

Project schedule

The project takes place every Thursday!

All the necessary information will be posted the day before, Wednesday, in the support chat, which is a closed Telegram group. We invite new participants to join up to Wednesday, so we can all prepare for Thursday, peacefully and in a stress-free manner.

Each participant can choose their own “Food Free Thursday” program:

1️⃣ Coral-Mine water + Daily Delicious Beauty Shake cocktail 2-3 portions per day (Vanilla, Raspberry, Chocolate or Mango/Orange flavor); with your preferred choice of buttermilk or vegetarian milk;

2️⃣ Coral-Mine water + Daily Delicious Beauty Shake 1-2 portions per day (Vanilla, Raspberry, Chocolate or Mango/Orange flavor) with your preferred choice of buttermilk or vegetarian milk + in the evening Hi-Fiber fiber drink;

3️⃣ Coral-Mine water + Hi-fiber fiber drink 2-3 times per day;

4️⃣ For those who want to achieve better results – option 1️⃣ or 2️⃣ or 3️⃣ + Coral Detox or Coral Detox Plus pack.

For the attention of the participants

Daily Delicious Beauty Shake and Coral Mine

Beauty cocktails with Vanilla, Raspberry, Chocolate, Mango/Orange flavors and ‘Coral-Mine’ water

If a participant hasn’t tried any of the ‘Daily Delicious Beauty Shake’ cocktails before, they can initially buy one serving of 4 different flavors (Raspberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango/Orange) to try and decide which flavors are preferred.

If by Wednesday evening a participant has not received their selected products, which he/she have decided to use on Thursday, then he/she is able to participate the following Thursday.

✍🏻 If you want to participate in this project, please fill in the registration form, which can be found below.

Registration in Coral Club

Please fill out the registration form and you will receive a unique Club Member ID (CCI ID), you will become a Club Member and you will be able to purchase products with a 20% discount and will have access to other benefits.

Registration of discount card

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