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Immunity – the guardian of our lives

Immunity - the guardian of our lives

This is the body’s natural and constant defence, it has the ability to resist the environment invaders IE: (bacteria, viruses, fungi, pollutants, etc.), everything that is foreign to our body’s. Our immunity is our body’s fortress, with an “army” of immune cells (leucocytes) that protect us. As long as our “army” is strong, we can fight off any invader and hold out against anything, but as soon as our immunity weakens, all sorts of problems can and will happen.

Immunity is Latin for “free”, “inviolable” and “pure”.

Immunity needs to be taken care of every day, not only with supplements but also with good high quality water, nutrition, healthy sleep, rest and hygiene.

Where does immunity come from?

Initially, a baby is born without immunity, otherwise the mother would not be able to to carry her as our body would see this as a foreign invader and vice versa. So for the whole 9 months that the baby is in its mother’s tummy, the baby lives without immunity. Then and only then is immunity transferred to the baby within three hours of birth through mother’s milk, which is basically the matrix of immunity.


Primary immunodeficiency disorders — also called primary immune disorders or primary immunodeficiency — weaken the immune system, allowing infections and other health problems to occur more easily. Many people with primary immunodeficiency are born missing some of the body’s immune defenses or with the immune system not working properly, which leaves them more susceptible to germs that can cause infections.

So far, researchers have identified more than 300 forms of primary immunodeficiency disorders. Some forms are so mild they can go unnoticed until adulthood. Other types are severe enough that they’re discovered soon after an affected baby is born. Treatments can boost the immune system in many types of primary immunodeficiency disorders. Research is ongoing, leading to improved treatments and enhanced quality of life for people with the condition.

One of the most common signs of primary immunodeficiency is having infections that are more frequent, longer lasting or harder to treat than are the infections of someone with a typical immune system. You may also get infections that a person with a healthy immune system likely wouldn’t get (opportunistic infections).

Signs and symptoms differ depending on the type of primary immunodeficiency disorder, and they vary from person to person.

Signs and symptoms of primary immunodeficiency can include:

  • Frequent and recurrent pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections, meningitis or skin infections;
  • Inflammation and infection of internal organs;
  • Blood disorders, such as low platelet count or anaemia;
  • Digestive problems, such as cramping, loss of appetite, nausea and diarrhoea;
  • Delayed growth and development;
  • Autoimmune disorders, such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or type 1 diabetes;
  • Rapid loss of strength;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Headache;
  • Joint pain;
  • Skin rashes (fungi, furuncles, etc.);
  • Prolonged fever;
  • Weakness;
  • Pale skin;
  • Increased irritability;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Insomnia;
  • Muscle pain;
  • Frequent illnesses;
  • Prolonged illness (even for weeks);
  • Lymph node enlargement;
  • Neuroses;
  • Plus many more.

Where are immune cells born and located?

The thymus is a small gland located in the lymphatic system where lymphocytes ( white blood cells ) called T-cells are produced. But 70% of immunity are made in the gut. Lymphocytes also live in the appendix. In the intestinal tract and in way of the tonsils. Those who have their appendix, tonsils cut out unfortunately are left with lower white blood cells meaning they are more prone to viruses, infections, viruses, ect. If for any reason we need to have our appendix or tonsils removed due to inflammation. It means something was caught there if has something that invaded your system and wants to stop your army multiplying and fighting back. So all inflammatory processes mean that something is living there!

The thymus

Immune cells also live in the tonsils and the amygdala. And the fact that we have swollen tonsils, or tonsillitis. We don’t have to fight with the inflamed tonsils and cut them out. We have to fight to help them to do there job and build up a stronger defence against the bacterial invaders infections. But if we cut out our barriers out that protect our body from viruses, bacteria, etc., we’re tearing down our defences (immune cells). As a result, we wont get rid of the invaders, and our body will slowly fall to all kinds of infections, viruses , bacteria , ect. Instead of cutting out the issue that is inflamed we should take the steps to help and protect our body’s immune system NOT CUT IT OUT.

Lymphocytes also live in the bone marrow and lymph nodes. If we talk about lymph nodes, then the armpits must not be smeared or covered in antiperspirants, because that is where lymph nodes through which all the lymph nodes do there 1 of many jobs they have. You might ask: “WAIT…WHAT… how do I deal with sweat and in some cases smell?” One thing to remember is that CLEAN ORGANISM WILL NOT SMELL. Sweat is a normal body’s way of detoxing and a clean body will not produce any smell an odour means your body has toxins and this is what may cause a body odour smell.

If we analyse the blood, as we know blood is both red and white corpuscles, leucocytes, platelets, etc. For example, a dead leucocyte is pus when it has already clotted, or a leucocyte dies when it has no energy – it has not been fed or watered. But our job with immunity and leukocytes is to keep them working and not to interfere. But how to help them and how not to interfere with their work, we will look at next.

The 12 enemies of immunity

  • Viruses;
  • Bacteria;
  • Fungi;
  • Protozoa;
  • Various mutant forms;
  • Prions;
  • Foreign cells;
  • Foreign tissues and organs;
  • Macrobiological forms;
  • Other biochemical complexes;
  • Antigens;
  • Everything else.

The most terrible immune depleter is sunlight. Solar radiation, UV rays penetrating through the skin, breaks down the cells’ internal water. Free radicals are produced in the water molecules. ( Broken water ) this is a weapon to our body. The sun breaks down our water molecules making free radicals that begins to attach our all cells, including leucocytes. To help fight off” the free radicals use vitamin C or even if possible antioxidant.  If a lymphocyte comes into contact with a free radical,.it DIES.

Restoring immunity

We all know that people have various illnesses – bronchitis, tracheitis, haemorrhoids, arthritis etc. And all these inflammatory processes are caused by something that lives inside us – bacteria, viruses and fungi.

And all these inhabitants live in us, multiply, release toxic substances, and as a result inflammation occurs and human health deteriorates. So we have to intervene on all three of these at the same time to stop viruses, fungi, bacteria multiplying. We have to deal with all the toxic substances that our “friends” have left behind.

Leukocytes, lymphocytes and macrophages – a whole army of them – act on all these groups destroys all the pathogens. The moment bacteria are destroyed, the leukocyte eats them and pus forms in the body. Then, when fighting viruses, a transparent serosa is formed fluid (e.g. in the case of herpes). But when the body fights fungi, we can see white curd-like secretions/plaques.

Classical medicine uses antibiotics to fight all this, but it should be noted that antibiotics during the administration of antibiotics, the proliferation of leukocytes is blocked, which is unable to fully fight the pathogens the next time. Therefore, in case of illness allow all the disease processes to run their course, the temperature to rise, the lymphocytes to do their job and proliferate and fight the pathogens. And only in extreme situations can one resort to antibiotics.

But basically, the body should fight all the pathogens on its own. If the body’s immunity is strong then all the leukocytes, lymphocytes, and macrophages are quick to react gather their army to fight and the illness lasts literally 2-3 days, or you may not get sick at all because all pathogens are powerless against our “army“.

During the flu, there are always people who get sick and people who don’t. There are people who get over a cold in two days and there are people who are sick for weeks. There is a lot of talk about immunity, about taking vitamins and so on to strengthen it. And people often buy all sorts of products to boost immunity. But basically strengthening immunity is absolutely complex and no single product is able to improve immunity.

Psycho-emotional state of the person

The first is our emotional background, it is positive thinking, positive attitudes towards life, a good 8 hours sleep. In this state, our immune system is working to its full potential. Besides emotional state, we cannot talk about anything to do with immunity.

Food and water

Today we have 90% of products containing artificial ingredients. We should not consume chips, bouillon cubes, artificial mayonnaise, margarine, yoghurts, smoked meats. Using margarine can severely affect the metabolism of fats, lipids, beta proteins, which is later difficult to restore. Smoking liquid contains large amounts of nitrites. Nitrites are one of immune disruptors.

If our environment is not acidic, if we receive a live diet, clean water, the leucocytes are able to proliferate fully and in large numbers and to engage in immune reactions.

Essentially, we are always dealing with bacteria, viruses and fungi, but the question: How does our body react to all this? How does the immune system work? If its attention is diverted then it cannot effectively fight all the pests that come into our body.

So it all starts with not polluting our body. For example, a fungus loves sugar. If we fight the fungus and feed it sugar at the same time, we will end up losers, because the fungus will become strong after eating sugar, white flour, yeast, etc. This same applies to viruses and bacteria.

Purification of the organism

First of all it is water and sorbents. But if the human body is already dehydrated then immunity must be fed first and only then can the body be cleaned. Because if we clean a weakened body then immunity can drop even lower for a while. So first it is a must be fed.

As mentioned above, leucocytes multiply in the gastrointestinal tract. And this is why it is important to clean the gastrointestinal tract well so that the same viruses, bacteria, fungi, food debris and parasites are removed from all body. And as a result, a clean gastrointestinal tract is able to provide good work for immunity.

Cleansing and purifying the gastrointestinal tract from parasites is very important for immunity and overall health. Until we are cleansed of parasites, immune cells are under stress all the time, because immune cells recognise parasites and want to attack them, but they can’t eat them because they are so big. And if bacteria turn up in parallel, viruses and fungi, the immune cells may not be able to cope physically because of the heavy workload. So… during anti-parasitic programme, we always put enzymes in to finish off the parasites to break them down and eliminate them from the body.

Cellular nutrition

Immunity cannot be “fed” with pork chops. Our body does not make interferon, it is synthesised by lactic acid rods. If there is dysbacteriosis and no live bacteria, then there is a decrease in immunity.

The immune cells need everything that the other cells need – 28 amino acids, 12 vitamins, 15 minerals, 3 unsaturated fatty acids, 7 groups enzymes, oxygen, antioxidants, live water and lots of energy.

Unfortunately, society has a stereotype that we eat to fill our stomachs. But in reality, we need to eat for 3 reasons: to FILL our GUT to feed our CELLS and to GET ENERGY. By doing so, we feed the leucocyte and allow it to carry out its immune reactions to the full.

We can raise the body’s energy, for example with the energiser H-500. H-500 is energy and it is free electrons. When it enters the water, flint forms an energy-conducting structure. When an electron is given up, it becomes water. H-500 gives the energy needed to structure water.

If the immune cells are fed, nothing bad can happen. Cancer cells in our bodies. We all have cancer cells. Cancer cells are new cells and can be tracked down and destroyed if our macrophages are “healthy”.  If there is energy, there will be good mood, working capacity, optimism.

Good immunity is also linked to sporting activity. And, of course, harmful smoking, alcohol, artificial drinks (Coca Cola, juice packs, mineral water, etc.). Needless to say, all bad habits also suppress the immune response.

Products to boost immunity

The very first thing we need to have strong immunity is not to be stressed and depressed because as soon as we start stressing, our immunity drops immediately. To fight stress very well Griffonia helps. The recommended optimal daily dose is 2 capsules 2x a day. But in critical cases, this can be increased to 8 – 10 capsules per day.

Kelp – source of iodine, antibacterial mineral, 2 capsules 2x daily.

Folic Acid – vitamin of happiness, 2 capsules per day.

Liposomal vitamin C.

Lecithin – immune booster and myelin sheath restorer. If the crisis is very severe then a minimum of 3 capsules x3 per day is safe. The cell membrane must be very strong, because the cell membrane is the brain of the cell and on it depends how strong our immunity will be. And for that we need phospholipids, fatty acids, lecithin, omega, shark liver oil and amino acids.

Amino acids are the first product that is needed for immunity and all stresses. Because amino acids nourish neurons (nerve cells component), and all leucocytes and lymphocytes are made of amino acids. Amino acid products can be chosen one at a time: Protiviti Ultra, Chlorella or Spirulina. Red blood cells are formed from chlorophyll (green matter). Red blood cells carry oxygen in the blood, energy, and gives the leucocytes food.

The cat’s claw and colloidal silver block the virus’s DNA, so that after a while the virus will die its death and will no longer be able to reproduce.

For immunity, Colostrum Plus 2 tablets x2 per day, but when exacerbations, or approaching illness, then up to 10 capsules a day are safe. And no need to worry about overdose, because the body will eliminate all the excess and will be expelled through the urinal track.

The immune cell needs:

  • Clean living water;
  • If we are ill, it is important not force the temperature to drop by using chemicals. We must allow our body to go through the process naturally and to let the immune cells to work properly. Even young children temperature should not be forced to drop down. If young children and adults drink enough clean, live water regularly, the temperature will not rise to critical levels;
  • pH – provide an alkaline environment. In an alkaline environment, immunity works to its full potential;
  • Antiviral / antibacterial products, such as garlic;
  • Positive emotions;
  • We nourish with fatty acids and amino acids;
  • Live bacteria: Super Flora 2 capsules x2 daily on an empty stomach. If live bacteria in the intestinal tract, then fungi start living there. It is recommended to feed live bacteria. The bacteria should be fed with fibre, so that they grow better. Fibre products: spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, Coral Burdock Root, Hi-Fiber;
  • Energy: PentoKan (potassium-sodium pump), H-500, coenzyme Q10.


Until you believe that every cell in your body is alive, nothing will change in your consciousness. If you think you are “pieces of meat”, you are mistaken. We are living beings on planet Earth. All life forms are made up of living cells. Living cells need natural food. Cells do not depend on chemicals.

The information gathered in the article is based on the materials of nutriciologist Vineta Meduņecka and doctor Olga Butakova.

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