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Water is the basis of our lives

Water is the basis of our lives

A living organism is revived water. This characteristic of the water is given by Leonardo da Vinci.

If you ask several people the question, “How do you think what person needs for living?” You can get completely different answers. And they will all be right, because every person needs a lot for a fulfilled life. But there are some things without which a fulfilled life of the human body is not possible!
And they are: AIR, WATER and FOOD.

These are the products we receive from the external environment and they give us energy and vitality, or in other words – a fulfilled, active and long life.

Our health, longevity and ability to work depend most directly on the quality of water, nutrition and the air we breathe.

The basis of our life is water. 2/3 The earth’s surface is covered with water! Water – is the second most important substance on Earth after oxygen. Without water, a person can live only three days.

Two-thirds of our body is made up of water:

  • Brain – up to 90% water
  • Blood – up to 85% water
  • Lungs – up to 83% water
  • Kidney – up to 79% water
  • Heart – up to 73% water
  • Muscles – up to 72% water

Remember folklore: live and dead water; “… Do not drink from a puddle – you will become a yeanling…“. Ancient villages were built by the rivers, wells with spring water were a guarantee of good harvest and prosperity. Water… Our ancestors attached great importance to its quality and attributed its healing qualities.

8 reasons to drink water

Pain remedy

Migraines, headaches, pain in the waist, joints and muscles, as well as other local pain – may be a warning of dehydration in a specific part of the body. 85% of human blood consists of water, when there is dehydration; it thickens and increases the load on the whole body.


The role of water is the most important source of energy in the body, it helps to supply oxygen to every cell of the body, thus improving metabolism. When the body and cells lack oxygen, we get tired, but our ability to work immediately decreases.

Weight control

Water speeds up metabolism and reduces hunger. Water does not contain calories and increases the effect of any diet. And it’s true. Using water helps to burn fat more actively. Experiments show that a glass of water alone speeds up metabolism by 30%, but one liter of water helps to get rid of 100 extra calories. In contrast, 100 calories a day is 3,000 calories a month and 36,000 calories a year, which is the equivalent of 5 kilograms of subcutaneous fat without taking a single step on the treadmill!

Good digestion

Water affects the entire gastrointestinal tract. It accelerates metabolism, ensures optimal secretion of gastric juice and enzyme activity. When this does not happen, there is indigestion, which can lead to a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and bloating. Water also helps the intestinal tract to remove everything unnecessary from it, preventing constipation.

Healthy joints and muscles

Water participates in the synthesis of proteins in the muscles, thanks to which our muscles and ligaments are flexible. The cartilage tissue of the joints also contains a lot of water, which on the one hand ensures the firmness of the joints, as well as acts as a shock absorber, allowing the joints to withstand higher loads. In case of water deficiency, the production of joint fluid decreases, which leads to joint stiffness and restricted movements.

Adjust body temperature

Water has a high heat capacity and thermal conductivity; it cools the body 14 times more than air. The human body produces as much heat in 1 hour as it takes to boil 1 liter of ice-cold water. And if the body were a heat-resistant case, then after an hour the body temperature would rise by about 1.5 ° С, but after 40 hours it would reach the boiling level of water! That is why water is needed by the body to maintain a constant body temperature in a changing external environment. Water is important for cooling the body in thermal overheating conditions.

Healthy skin

Dehydration reduces the amount of water in the cell, leading to collagen loss. As a result, the skin loses firmness. Moisturizing the skin with creams, oils and lotions can help, but it is better to prevent collagen loss. So moisturize your skin from the inside. Water will “water” and moisturize the skin, cleanse it of toxins, increase firmness and elasticity! Sufficient water promotes the removal of toxins, prevents skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

Release of toxins

Water is necessary for the normal functioning of the liver and kidneys, the main “filters” of the body. Water helps to remove toxins from the body.

For the full functioning of the organism, there are only 2 requirements for water: the QUANTITY of drinking water and its QUALITY.

The amount of water you drink every day is determined by the formula: your weight (kg) x 0.30 ml (even 0.40 ml). And you will get the individual amount of water your body needs per day.

What kind of water do we need?

In order to ensure the body’s need for water, there are following requirements to observe:

  1. Physiologically valuable water
    Physiologically complete water – this is drinking water, which contains the optimal amount of micro and macro elements and provides a beneficial physiological effect on the human body. Only such water provides the necessary balance of water and salts, acids and alkalis. Purified drinking water (tap water, bottled water) very often is not physiologically complete.
  2. Mineral balance
    Minerals – these are the key elements. Working from inside and outside the cells, they open doors that lead to health and longevity. A certain amount of micro and macro elements is necessary for the normal condition of the whole organism. At the same time, water completely free of micro and macro elements (distilled) can harm our body.
  3. Taste qualities
    The taste and smell of water depend on the chemical composition, which is determined by substances present in natural spring waters or added during the treatment process. Water quality is also affected by the addition of chlorine and other water disinfection methods.

Where is the water deficit in the body?

When the body is dehydrated by:

  • 1% – thirst appears;
  • 2% – feeling anxious, decreased appetite and ability to work;
  • 4% – nausea, dizziness and tiredness;
  • 6% – impaired coordination and speech ability;
  • 10% – thermoregulation is disrupted and cells begin to die;
  • 11% – the body is undergoing serious changes and needs medical help;
  • 20% – death may occur.

In most cases, dehydration is the main cause of human aging. Therefore, the importance of water for our existence is not even negotiable.

During life, we gradually reduce the use of clean water, replacing it with juices, coffee, tea and carbonated beverages. For example: a can of carbonated drink contains 35 grams of sugar and 140 calories. But in a glass of clean water, there are zero sugar and calories.

Every cell in our body needs water. Do you think the juice or soup will absorb in our body cells? Of course it won’t.

30 sachets of Coral-Mine – these are 45 liters of water with all the necessary qualities!

Mineral composition Coral-Mine is able to change the physicochemical properties of water:

  • Coral-Mine is a good sorbent of natural origin;
  • Coral-Mine changes the acid-base balance by creating an alkaline environment. Therefore, the pH of Coral water has a slightly alkaline reaction. Such water contributes to the restoration and improvement of the general condition of the body;
  • The ionized form of Coral-Mine minerals is much closer to our body fluids than ordinary drinking water, so it immediately engages with our life processes and has a multifaceted effect on health.

Coral-Mine normalizes the mineral balance in the body and improves the functioning of vital systems.

Magnesium and calcium effectively restore the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and promote the regeneration of bone and connective tissue. Along with sodium maintains cardiovascular health. Magnesium not only participates in the transmission of nerve impulses, but also normalizes the functioning of the nervous system – helps to remove the state of depression. Vitamin C provides antioxidant effects and prevents premature aging.

It should be noted that this combination of products creates synergies. The valuable effects of each component are enhanced in this combination. The rich, time-tested complex of coral natural salts regulates the mineral balance in the body, normalizes the functioning of vital systems and organs.

Coral-Mine valuable minerals, dissolved in water, are absorbed much faster, more completely and more easily. This quality allows the body’s cells to absorb water without additional effort to replenish the cells’ internal and external reserves. Coral-Mine makes water softer, tastier and more valuable. Drinking water with Coral-Mine is easy and pleasant.

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