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Dr. Olga Butakova

Olga ButakovaOlga Butakova is a doctor with 30 years of experience, Ph.D., an Academician of the International Informatization Academy (I.I.A.) of the UN; the head of the Academy of Health at the Patrice Lumumba University of Peoples’ Friendship; and a chief physician of the Institute of Health Recovery in Moscow; practical developer and head of the system of training methods and techniques preservation of health exclusively with natural products and natural sources healing.

She is founder and rector of the “International Academy of Health and Self-development People” (Moscow), the educator; Doctor of Pedagogical Science, and a Gold Master of Coral Club International.

Olga Butakova participated in creating the documentary film “Caution, FOOD!” that explores issues of factory-made foods with chemical additives.

Olga Butakova:

“Having worked as a practitioner doctor for 30 years, I’ve chosen preventive medicine. Connected with natural health restoring means, as the most promising and safe medical trend. Acquiring work experience, I started realizing that the best way to prevent diseases is to lead a lifestyle conducive to health and teach others. Thus people become more aware of how to care their personal health.
Learning about the company of Coral Club; I can definitely say that I have never seen so many people who have such an aspiration to learn ways and methods to preserve health; such a desire to learn to help other people; to use the whole assortment of the company’s production correctly and effectively.”

Olga Butakova knowledge teaching so that anyone, even without a medical education could easily understand; and apply the theoretical knowledge in practice, for own health and the health of surrounding people.

If you also want to live a normal healthy life, take care of your and family health, and also to help other people. Then welcome to the Coral Club! Get in contact with me you can here.

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