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Why you should avoid using antiperspirants deodorants?

Why you should avoid using antiperspirant deodorants

Sweating is a natural process of the body, but every day it causes confusing moments for many. People are used to preventing this process by using various options, such as antiperspirants and deodorants with 24 and even 72 hour sweat retention. It is often heard that people perform surgical manipulations as well to stop underarm sweating.

Why antiperspirants deodorants are bad for your health? There are very large lymph (our sewage system) outlets in the armpits. People HAVE TO SWEAT – this is normal, because with the help of sweat the body gets rid of the accumulated toxins.

Lymph outlets

The lymphatic system does not have a separate pump (heart). Lymph flow is provided by the muscles around the lymphatics, which, when contracted, push the lymph upwards but not the valves. So the lymph movement can only be provided by ourselves, if we do not move, no lymph movement occurs and no toxins are excreted.

As the lymph flows from the bottom up:

Vagina / urethra

The first route of excretion is the vagina (women) and urethra (men). Discharges from the vagina and urethra indicate that uninvited “guests” have entered the body and have been killed by white blood cells (immune cells). For example, for women, candida is a fungus secreted by the body. There is no point in fighting a dead fungus – you have to fight with what is alive and living in the body’s tissues (antiparasitic and antifungal cleansing must be used).


The second lymphatic outlet is the stomach, which contains tens of thousands of tiny lymph nodes through which huge amounts of toxins are excreted.

Sweat glands

The third way out is the sweat glands, especially those in the armpits. Man has to sweat, but what do we do? Right! We use deodorants, as a result of which the chemistry in the walls of the lymph nodes blocks the release of sweat. And where do all the poisons end up in that case? In the nearest mammary gland. It causes mastopathy because the toxins have to stay somewhere and they settle in the lymphatic pools of the mammary glands.

Never use deodorants and antiperspirants with a 24-hour effect! Why? All common deodorants and antiperspirants contain neurotoxic solvents, toxic metals and their compounds, and other potentially harmful substances. As a result, it can cause not only breast cancer (in addition, with excreted toxins), but also a decrease in mental capacity, migraines, etc. And remember that when choosing a deodorant, or antiperspirant, he must suppress the smell of sweat, not block the release of sweat, and he must be natural.


The fourth way out is the nose. The runny nose is dead leukocytes, bacteria. The fungus will never be excreted through the nose, it will be excreted by the lymphatic system through the skin.


The fifth way out is the tonsils – it is when angina develops. Streptococcus is always excreted through the tonsils.


The sixth way out is the larynx. Chronic laryngitis or pharyngitis – people with these diagnoses have a chronic fungal infection or streptococcus.


The seventh way out is the trachea (tracheitis). This is when you suffer from a cough.


Eighth – bronchi – often bronchitis.


Ninth – lungs – pneumonia, asthma. What is pneumonia? It is caused by a blockage of the lymph nodes with bacteria and fungi.

Bronchial asthma is not an allergic pathology. It is caused by a blockage of the deep lymph nodes in the bronchi with fungi and bacteria. What is neurodermatitis, psoriasis? It is a complete tightness of the lymph nodes caused by the fungus. It has literally “cemented” them, so the skin opens “emergency” exits around the joints and where the lymphatic outlets are most concentrated.


There are no lymphatics in the head, there are “lakes” of lymph, from which the lymph flows down, enters the venous bloodstream and mixes with the blood.

Excessive sweating and an unpleasant sweat odor indicate a very strong toxic pollution, so the best, cheapest and health-preserving solution is to regularly clean your body and lymphatic system! In addition, nothing in the pure body smells bad, there is a natural body aroma that is not unpleasant. Also remember that the lymph should be cleaned last and not first. First you need to do stomach cleansing, get rid of parasites, bacteria, viruses and toxins and only then only lymph should be performed first.

The information gathered in the article is based on the materials of nutriciologist Vineta Meduņecka and doctor Olga Butakova.

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