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Premium Plankton Oil

Premium Plankton Oil

Premium Plankton Oil

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Over time, human living conditions, dietary habits, and energy expenditure have seen substantial alterations.

Going back hundreds of thousands of years, people experienced:

  • Seasonal nutrition, depending on what was readily available;
  • Limited access to meat for many individuals;
  • Demanding physical labor on a regular basis;
  • Severe living circumstances;
  • A complete absence of modern technology.

These harsh and unpredictable life conditions necessitated that the human body learn to stockpile, preserve, and judiciously employ the energy it obtained.

Human evolution


  • A diverse range of food items available throughout the year;
  • Meat easily accessible to all societal segments;
  • A notable decrease in strenuous physical tasks;
  • Enhanced comfort in living conditions;
  • A plethora of technologies serving human needs.

This modern era provides an array of choices involving minimal energy expenditure, changing how our bodies manage nutrition and wellness.

The result is predictable:

It’s no surprise that the human body, still adhering to age-old practices, continues to gather and store energy, now without the same avenues for expenditure.

This imbalance can lead to the body becoming an “early storage center”, contributing to metabolic syndrome onset amidst modern comforts.

Metabolic syndrome

This term refers to a cluster of conditions (including increased waist fat, higher blood sugar, elevated blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol levels) that collectively heighten the likelihood of heart conditions and diabetes.

  • Elevated glucose levels ➡️ Risk of developing diabetes
  • High blood pressure ➡️ Risk of developing hypertension
  • Accumulation of visceral (abdominal) fat ➡️ Risk of obesity
  • Abnormal cholesterol levels ➡️ Risk of developing atherosclerosis

As of 2022, the signs of metabolic syndrome accompany up to 31.4% of the population.

Risk factors:

  • Sedentary behavior
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Excessive alcohol use and smoking
  • Poor diet choices
  • Genetic predisposition
  • High stress levels

Preventing metabolic syndrome is within our power. Essential steps include:

  • Adopting a balanced diet with restricted sugar and increased complex carbohydrates.
  • Participating in consistent physical exercise.
  • Managing stress effectively.
  • Keeping a consistent sleep routine.
  • Avoiding harmful behaviors.

Moreover, keeping pace with scientific discoveries is vital, as ongoing research uncovers innovative strategies for sustaining health and promoting a vibrant, extended life.

One such discovery highlights the beneficial attributes of calanus oil. Incorporating this can shield against metabolic syndrome’s risks.


Calanus (Calanus finmarchicus), a type of zooplankton, thrives in the North Atlantic’s chilly waters, forming a key element in marine food networks. Despite its brief existence, it uniquely amasses energy in wax esters, presenting a remarkable nutritional component.

Calanus Zooplankton is a part of plankton represented by animals that cannot resist water currents and are carried along with the water masses. The name “zooplankton” originates from two Greek words: “zoon,” meaning “animal,” and “planktos,” meaning “wanderer.” The name characterizes the inability of these tiny animals to swim independently. Zooplankton’s diet is based on algae, bacteria (phytoplankton), and tiny animals. Zooplankton serves as a crucial food source for fish, salamanders, aquatic insects, and large marine animals, such as whales.

Unique composition

Lipids constitute up to 60% of dry weight of Calanus, and a staggering 80-90% of these are wax esters. This lipid abundance is particularly notable in Arctic species of Calanus, like Calanus finmarchicus.

Unique composition

This distinctiveness is linked to potential metabolic syndrome prevention.

Lipids vary—phospholipids, triglycerides, ethyl esters—but only wax esters are known for their tendency to navigate to the intestine’s lower regions due to their gradual digestion. Digestion and absorption may vary based on diet and individual factors. Here, they interact with GPR120 (FFAR4) receptors, a crucial step that may diminish metabolic syndrome risks.

Carotenoid astaxanthin is a substance with a strong antioxidant effect. By the way, it is thanks to astaxanthin that the oil has a deep red color.

Capsules Given the contemporary human tendency toward metabolic syndrome, we recognize the imperative need to help safeguard against this risk. In response, we’ve developed an innovative product – “Premium Plankton Oil”.

The production of Calanus oil is an epitome of gentleness and purity. It sidesteps chemical solvents and unnecessary stages, preserving all the beneficial elements while preventing any harmful adulteration.

Furthermore, the Calanus finmarchicus species stands as a sustainable natural asset. Its annual biomass output in the Norwegian Sea is a colossal 290 million metric tons, dwarfing the combined biomass of all fish species in the vicinity.

Benefits of Premium Plankton Oil

  • Sourced from the unspoiled currents of the Atlantic, this zooplankton oil is pivotal to help support metabolic equilibrium;
  • It’s rich in omega-3, plus a distinctive assembly of lipids in wax ester form;
  • Underscoring its natural origins and commitment to environmental conscientiousness.

Premium Plankton Oil: a replacement for traditional omega-3 supplements from fish? Yes or no?


The 2 capsules contain:

  • Calanus oil (Calanus finmarchicus): 1000 mg
  • Including EPA and DHA omega-3: 185 mg
  • Astaxanthin: 0.6 mg
  • Vitamin E: 6.8 mg

GMO free. Gluten free.

OK for pescatarians.

How to use

Take 1 capsule 2 times a day with meals.

Country of production


Originating from the esteemed Norwegian firm ZOOCA®, Calanus finmarchicus oil’s production adheres to globally recognized certifications, assuring both the safety of the manufacturing process and the excellence of the end product.

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