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Results with Coral Club


My name is Juris. Before telling about my results, I would like to tell you a little about myself. From birth, I have infantile cerebral palsy, relocated in a wheelchair. Most of my problem is spasticity. Spasticity does not allow for free movement, particularly with the left hand.
2013 year, I got acquainted with Coral Club’s products.

Already starting to use Kolo Vada Plus program of the first day was a noticeable change. The first-night legs toes were pulled in cramps (which is a very good sign for me). After 14 days the program was felt in general relaxation.

The biggest effect was when after all cleansing started to drink products for Central Nervous System (drink them regularly).

Since then, the left hand stabilized some things. When I go out, finally left arm can calmly put down on the leg with an open palm. Previously, it was only a tight fist as spasticity did not let it open and mostly hand stood in the air. In order to arm uncontrollably would not be in the air, in the past, I had the partly to sit down on hand. Only then his “disconnecting“ and not move anywhere, so I could feel more or less normal.

Now I have no particular difficulties can calmly put down on the leg or knee. With this hand, I can now also grabbed the armrest and hold for some time.
And yet, is out, I can now sit calmly … That is to say, in the past, if a stranger walked past, I automatically squirmed. But now the ability to sit calm.

Someday in the shop very rarely felt released because there is a work – shop basket must be kept in on the feet and with the left hand should hold. Any physical activity or excitement returned spastics. But now there are times when with all purchasing basket I felt more or less released compared to how it was before.

Now, for example, I can hold a small closing bottle with a left hand. In the past, I could not grasp the bottle in order to his me slip out from fingers or fingers to shut down due spasticity.
Now even a garden I can with the left hand to tear off the grass. Not without difficulty, but I can. Properly grasped and peeled off.

And yet I keep physical exercise. Physical exercise is also very important.

As one of the final results is the fact that I can normally sit in a wheelchair! Before that, I could not sit ~ 90-degree angle so that the back should be straight. But now I can! Either and of course, the left arm itself is calm and free.

I have the results – a good feeling and the change is every day! I am very happy for them. I very much hope and wish that my good result give people the motivation and confidence. The belief that it is possible to feel good. Despite the fact that the doctors say and modern medicine. Restoring natural processes in the body, you can feel the changes because nature heals. I am grateful for the opportunity to Coral Club feel good.

What I did? I perform complex organism cleaning with Kolo Vada Plus, then the lymph cleaning (Licorice root, Artichoke, Lecithin, Coral Alfalfa, Coral Mine) and drank a variety of products for Central Nervous System (the CNS) – Spirulina, Coral Chlorella, MindSet, Omega 3 / 60, Coral Mine, H-500, Aqua Ox, BP Phyto Control, Coral Magnesium. The last was border water Aqua G.

If someone interested in exactly what program I drank or have any other questions I will be glad to help! Contact me can use contact form or via Facebook.

Article Date: 08.12.2015.

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