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Live waterWater – the source of life on the planet. A water quality is a fundamental tool for restoring and strengthening health. Throughout the life of water is needed every cell of our body.

The baby at birth 90% consisting of water, an adult – 70%. Human intelligence control center – the brain consists of 90% water and is very sensitive to dehydration. With years of water content in the body decreases to 60-65%. Consequently, we can conclude that human aging associated with drying. Water loss in the body both the externally and the internally throughout the intercellular fluid.

Water splashesThe physiological rate of fluid intake is 30-40 ml/kg body weight per day. The role of water in our body is very great because all metabolic processes are taking place in an aqueous medium. Blood, lymph, intercellular and intracellular fluid, saliva, sweat, gastric juice, bile; urine – all this is water with dissolved in it mineral salts. The permanent fluid volume as a constant concentration of salt in their composition maintains the water-salt balance of the internal environment of the organism. Provides transport of nutrients to all the cells, increases energy reserves; contributes to the rapid removal of adverse metabolic products, speeds up recovery.

Woman with a glass of waterGive to drink every cell in the body and stabilize the operation of all physiological processes can only water; close by the intracellular structure. The water we drink every day is alien to the body structure. Consumed in large quantities carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, juice from packages contain aromatization, dyes, various additives and more contribute to the loss of fluid than its assimilation, thereby leading to a violation of water-salt balance and the development of serious diseases. The first symptoms of dehydration – the constant feeling of thirst, fatigue, increased heart rate, increased body temperature, irregular heartbeat, pain in muscles and joints, dry skin, damaged hair, and nails.

waterThat is why the consumption of sufficient quantities of quality live water is one of the most important conditions for the normal functioning of the body and, therefore, to restore and maintain health. Coping with this task will help produce “Coral-Mine“, “HydraCel” that contribute to the improvement of physical and chemical properties of water, the enrichment of its mineral salts complex vitamins necessary for many vital organs and systems, normalizing acid-alkaline balance and providing revitalizing effect on the body.

Coral-Mine (Live Water) presentation

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