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MeadowLiving in big cities means that we hardly ever eat healthy, environmentally clean foods, drink good water or breathe clean air. Instead we often use synthetic medications, get exposed to electromagnetic radiation on a daily basis while being constantly stressed by the crazy pace of modern Life. With food us to get antibiotics, hormones, stimulants, used to stimulate the growth and weight of the animal. Just look, for example, cucumbers and tomatoes that are not spoiled weeks. In the air accumulates over 40 000 different chemicals. The high content of water in the drinking water of chlorine; – one of the most active carcinogens – doubles the risk of atherosclerosis; heart disease, liver and leads to the development of chronic disease, premature death. Under the influence of emissions of non-ferrous metallurgy there is an increased level of diseases of the cardiovascular system. In areas with the chemical and petrochemical industry are widespread allergic diseases. Pollution of the atmosphere of cities nitrogen oxides contributes to the defeat of respiratory organs.

Protected palmsThe WHO study in ecology have revealed: more than 65% of all health problems of modern people related with the external environment.

At the same time children are at increased group risk. In recent years, incidence rates have increased among young children: Each child is ill at least three times in the first year of life. The high degree of morbidity and among teenagers 14 years and older. Recent studies have shown that the leading pathologies among all registered diseases in children are respiratory diseases. More and more experts are watching the young people small growth, weak bones, underdeveloped muscles; “skinny” body, the lack of hormones in the growing organism, delayed sexual development. This situation is quite lamentable, because children – the future generation of citizens of the country; on which the health of their own children. How to protect yourself and loved ones in unfavorable environmental conditions?

Protect bodyToday there are a large number of preventive biologically safe supplement; that can help you fend off the destructive impacts of the hostile environment; as well as protect vital organs, most of us have to live in today. Coral Club International is just such a products. Their use in everyday life will raise the energy, strengthen the immune system and protect the body from various infections, to ensure rapid recovery after diseases, improve endurance and performance.

Microhydrin or H-500

Microhydrin or H-500 — the most powerful antioxidant known at present, neutralize and render harmless free radicals, formed in the body during its life. Promotes optimum health, prevents premature aging. “H-500” prevents oxidation and the healthy cells in the body recovers favorable alkaline environment, contributing to improved cell nutrition and metabolism. The product has the same properties as microhydrin, it is a powerful antioxidant. Shift indicator ORP water in a glass to “- 600”.

Providing an increase in energy and vitality it recommended for all people, especially for

  • people with severe mental work (removes overvoltage) such as for thinking or when doing manual labor;
  • Athletes and outdoor enthusiaststo recover after exercise (helps to reduce the level of lactic acid and its quick recovery of the muscles);
  • A general tonic for all people regardless of age (opposed to many unfavorable factors that cause cell destruction).

Usage: Take as a dietary supplement one capsule twice a day dissolved in eight ounces (250ml) of filtered noncarbonated water. Take in the morning and late afternoon. You can also pour the contents of the capsule in the water and have a drink in dissolved form (as an alkaline drink).


Neitronic is a device used for personal protection from electromagnetic radiation. It is intended for use with personal computers, televisions, radios, mobile phones, microwave ovens, monitors with LCD, and plasma screens. Neitronik, electromagnetic radiation

Neitronic has a special antenna the size which is 30x30x0.6 mm. The crystal lattice of the antenna has the property of the crystal: to absorb and convert the electromagnetic energy. The antenna is stimulated by the emitter and creates its own field which, interacting with the emitter’s field, converts the emission spectrum into a form that is safe for humans.

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