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Coral-Mine (Live Water)



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Our body contains 70% liquid, its blood, lymph, saliva, which is alkaline reaction, in a healthy person blood pH is 7.4. With decreasing pH, with acid reaction, in humans disturbances of the immune system in the body; multiplying viruses and bacteria; poorly absorbed vitamins and minerals; there are cardiovascular diseases; joint diseases, and other pathological conditions, including cancer.

Calcium is one of the key elements of our organism, its deficiency in the body can lead to serious diseases 150; most can suffer children, pregnant women, and people after 40 years.

The skeleton of a coral is made up of mineral salts which are at the heart of the coral’s effect on the human body. These salts are primarily calcium and magnesium, but in addition to these two, there’s also potassium, sodium, iron, phosphorous, silicon, sulfur, chrome, manganese, zinc, and many others. This rich multitude of minerals regulates the bodily functions and makes all the systems run like clockwork.

Coral-Mine is made in Japan from deep-water scleractinian corals that grow in the Sea of Japan on the islands of Okinawa and Tokunosima. Coral is a unique substance which has achieved a perfect harmony of its animal, plant and mineral origins over 500 million years of evolution. A coral is a sea animal with a strange shape reminiscent of seaweed which feeds on sea salt and marine microbodies.

Live Water Coral-Mine

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When they come into contact with water the Coral-Mine minerals help to:

  • Achieve an optimal PH level;
  • Regulate the arterial blood pressure and the heart rate;
  • Prevent osteoporosis and various forms of arthritis;
  • Increase the elasticity of muscles and restore the structure of bones and cartilages;
  • Regulate the kidneys and the digestive system;
  • Improves quality of blood and lymph, cleanses the body of toxins (see: Coral Detox);
  • Enriches the water with 70 micro and macro elements important for life processes, including calcium form that is completely assimilated by the body;
  • Improve the condition of the skin.

Pure, alkaline, structured, living, bioavailable, biologically active water is necessary for everyone, because it is the backbone of our health!

The action of the active ingredients

Calcium and phosphorous are building blocks for the bone tissue and all other connective tissues. They support the heart and improve nerve conductivity, insuring proper flexing of muscles and increasing the permeability of cell membranes; which normalizes the blood clotting process.

Magnesium helps calcium by freeing up ATF and increasing the energy potential of the body. It makes the heart beat rhythmically and tones up the smooth muscles in the vessels, intestines, the gallbladder, and the urine bladder. A good balance of calcium and magnesium in the body keeps calcium in the bone tissue, preventing bones from going soft.

Sodium regulates the osmotic pressure, the metabolism of fluids and proteins and is necessary to maintain proper excitability of muscles and neural cells. It is also needed for the sodium-potassium pump that regulates cellular metabolism.

Potassium is the main intercellular cation that maintains the PH balance; ensures proper muscle and nerve conductivity; keeps blood pressure in check and purges the body of excess liquids.


Coral powder, Ascorbic acid.

Preparation of coral water and usage

A person should drink 0.30 – 0.40 ml of water per 1 Kg of weight per day. For example, if a person weighs 50 Kg, then a day he needs to drink 1.5 liters of water. Coral water to drink instead of ordinary water.

For the preparation of coral water requires 1.5 liters of filtered, clean water. In the morning better to prepare warm coral water ~ 360; because then the body will not spend energy on water heating and water will immediately enter to the large intestine. Coral water cannot be BOILED, first, prepare water and then place one unopened sachet of Coral Mine into the water. After 5 minutes the water is ready for drinking (Coral-Mine does not dissolve in water but settles down. You can use less water). For stirring the water can use only wooden or plastic spoon (metal objects do not use for stirring of water). This will always provide you with good health and mood, activates metabolism and other processes throughout the body.

The rest of water to drink throughout the day in between meals for at least 20 minutes before and 1.5 – 2 hours after eating on EMPTY STOMACH; because alkaline water neutralizes stomach acid, which participates in the processing of food. And secondly, if in the stomach has food, then stomach closed and water does not enter further into the large intestine; because the water absorbed from the large intestine into the body. If you can’t do without a drink during a meal, it is better to drink acidic drinks – tea, ordinary water etc.

If still you don’t consume Coral Mine water, then it is very desirable to contact us.

Research Coral-Mine

A study by the Slovenian BION Institute on the impact of Coral-Mine on water has been published in the interdisciplinary scientific journal Water Journal. The publication combines research on water.

Research results of the Slovenian Institute BION about Coral-Mine. The whole truth about water

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