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CardioPack for heart health



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The heart is the only organ that begins to work even before you are born. It begins beating four weeks after conception and does not stop until death. We use the word “heart” in so many expressions: “a heart of gold”; “thank someone from the bottom of your heart”, “have a heavy heart”. When you’re in love, your heartbeat quickens, and when you’re scared, it makes your blood run cold. However, it works both ways: the heart depends on us, and we depend on it. The way that we care about our heart’s health affects the quality and length of our life.

The heart copes with a lot of stress. The heart of an adult beats approximately:

  • 72 times per minute
  • 100,000 times per day
    • 36.5 million times per year
    • 3.3 billion times over a lifetime
  • The heart provides blood to all 75 trillion body cells. Throughout an average lifespan, the heart pumps approximately 5.7 million litres of blood.

Factors that adversely affect the heart

Heart High blood pressure
Smoking Smoking
Unbalanced diet and excessive weight Unbalanced diet and excessive weight
Sedentary lifestyle Sedentary lifestyle
Water imbalance Water imbalance
Antistress Stress and psycho-emotional pressure
Diabetes Diabetes
Hereditary problems Hereditary problems
Bad ecology Bad ecology
Age Age

The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies three main risk factors for acute cardiovascular disease: hypertension, high blood cholesterol, and smoking.

As an example, excessive and constant smoking doubles the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease.

Risk factors also include:

  • Alcohol abuse. It increases blood pressure and blood viscosity. Alcohol removes magnesium from your body, which is crucial for the heart muscle’s activity.
  • Gender. It is proven that men suffer from myocardial infarction more often than women. The risk of developing cardiovascular disease in women increases during menopause due to decreasing estrogen levels; – estrogen has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.
  • Excessive consumption of trans fats. These trans fats are saturated fats, contained in large quantities in animal products; red meat, margarine, confectionery, and fried foods. The more trans fats there are in your diet, the higher is the level of bad cholesterol in your body.
  • Salt. Sodium is the main component of salt. The balance of potassium and sodium in the body maintains the water level inside cells. This balance is also responsible for the absorption and excretion of nutrients, as well as for the excretion of decay products. Adding salt to food upsets this balance and causes blood pressure to increase.

Risk factors affect the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease:

  • Increased blood pressure leads to damage of blood vessels;
  • Stress leads to blood thickening and the risk of thrombosis;
  • High cholesterol level leads to the formation of fat cells deposits (cholesterol) on the blood vessels walls;
  • Excessive weight creates an additional burden on the body and the heart;
  • Excessive blood sugar level leads to impaired blood circulation and vasoconstriction.

Cardiovascular disease – the leading cause of death in the world

Cardiovascular disease

Most people don’t think about their health until there is a problem. Cardiovascular disease has a huge problem worldwide. It has reached epidemic proportions.

For the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system you have to:

  • Monitor your water balance and nutrition;
  • Have an active lifestyle, play sports;
  • Give up bad habbits;
  • Reduce stress and emotional pressure;
  • Support the body with nutrients that are good for your heart.

Coral Club experts have developed a cardiopack for heart health, taking into account the nutrient requirements of the cardiovascular system. The set has a healing effect, increases the endurance of the heart muscle, improves the state of blood vessels, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks, strokes.

CardioPack benefits

Enhancing each other’s effect, the nutrients in this set have a maximum synergistic effect:

  • they strengthen the heart muscle;
  • saturate heart cells with extra energy;
  • ensure a healthy heart rate.

The action of the active ingredients

Synergy of components

  • Taurine + Coenzyme Q10
    to maintain heart energy
  • Potassium + Magnesium
    to maintain a normal heart rate
  • Potassium + Magnesium + Taurine + Coenzyme Q10
    to maintain heart health

The action of the components to maintain heart’s health is like removing a heavy load from a horse with your caring hand, making it easier for her to run. Over the course of 80 years of life, your heart beats about 3.3 billion times. Imagine how much energy it needs and think about how much wear and tear the heart muscle is subject to. Potassium and coenzyme provide the heart with energy. Taurine regulates the exchange of important heart minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium.
Magnesium improves coronary blood flow and reduces stress, helps to maintain normal heart rate.

PentoKan — cellular energy

  • Supports heart performance
  • Ensures the proper functioning of the Sodium-Potassium pump
  • Helps to stabilize the heart rate

PentoKanPentoKan is a product that was created specifically to prevent the lack of potassium in the cell – the “building block” of the body; which will guarantee healthy and proper functioning of the cell. PentoKan creates the optimal environment for replenishing the cell’s energy resources, ensures the proper functioning of the Sodium-Potassium pump and maintains the viability of the cell, even in times of oxidative stress. Potassium helps to increase muscle stamina (the heart is a muscle).

Coenzyme Q10 – heart protection from aging

  • Coenzyme Q10 is beneficial for heart health;
  • Helps to slow down the aging process of cells;
  • Helps to boost energy and speeds up recovery after strenuous physical activity.

Coenzyme Q10 100 mgCoenzyme Q10 is part of the mitochondria cells that generate about 95% of all the energy in the human body. With age, the body gradually loses its ability to synthesize this coenzyme. This coenzyme normalizes the function of these organs, improves physical endurance and slows down aging.

Coral Taurine – healthy heart beat

  • Helps in regulation of cardiac contraction by balancing concentration of minerals;
  • Supports normal heart rate;
  • Helps to increase blood flow and circulation;
  • Helps to lower cholesterol.

Coral TaurineTaurine is a highly bioactive amino acid that is necessary for overall health. It is found in almost every vital organ of the body, regardless of a person’s age. Sources of taurine are entirely of animal origin (meat, eggs, milk, fish, and seafood). In the human body, taurine is a derivative of another amino acid called cysteine; and its synthesis significantly decreases with age. That is why vegetarians and people over 40 should take measures to maintain their taurine levels.

Coral Magnesium – antistress

  • Regulates muscle tone and heart rate;
  • Has a calming effect on the nervous system;
  • Improves coronary blood flow;
  • Prevents the appearance of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

Coral MagnesiumCoral Magnesium is a specially designed mineral complex containing magnesium taurate; (an organic compound of taurine amino acid) and glycinate (organic compound of glycine amino acid). Such organic forms of magnesium are especially beneficial due to synergetic effects of these combined ingredients that magnify their benefits.

Magnesium may be one of the most vital nutrients the body needs that supports cardiovascular health. Magnesium deficits have been linked with a long list of cardiovascular issues: high blood pressure; heart rhythm problems and others.

Coral Magnesium contains magnesium glycinate and magnesium taurate. This dietary supplement actively supports cardiovascular health and neuromuscular tissue function.

The product contributes to the synthesis of enzymes, it normalizes metabolism; and actively regulates the calcium and sodium balance on a cellular level.


One PentoKan tablet:
Potassium ……420 mg
Vitamin C……..100 mg
Ribose …………20 mg

One Coenzyme capsule:
Coenzyme Q10 ……..100 mg

One Coral Taurine capsule:
Taurine ………..600 mg

One Magnesium capsule:
Magnesium (taurate) ………75 mg
Magnesium (bisglycinate) ..75 mg

How to use

CardioPack for heart health is designed for two months, but it can also be used for a month.

Usage for two months:

Accordingly, for use in one month, everything is taken 2 times a day.

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